Britain arrests more than 100 people in protest against police bill

British protest

British protest

Police detained a man for blocking traffic at the Capitol during a “killing a building” protest in London, England, on April 3, 2021.

London — British police said on Sunday that 107 people were arrested in London during a demonstration against a government plan to strengthen police powers.

Thousands marched in towns and cities across the country on Saturday, protesting police, crime, sentencing, and court bills in opposition to coronavirus restrictions.

Police said the “killing Bill” protest was almost peaceful and most of the participants observed social distance. They said a small number of people were keen to cause confusion, and those arrested were suspected of committing crimes, including violent disorder, assault on police officers, and violations of coronavirus law.

The unit said 10 police officers were injured, but it was believed that there were no serious injuries.

The proposed bill would rather impose conditions on police in England and Wales for nonviolent protests, including what is considered noisy or annoying, including those convicted of fines and imprisonment. Will give you a lot of authority.

Recent protests against the new police law in Bristol, South West England, have led to widespread violence, injuring police officers, damaging police stations and torturing police cars.