Britain does not allow anti-Semitism to “grow and decline”: Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that the British government would not root, grow and offend anti-Semitism in Britain.

British politicians throughout the political spectrum have blamed recent cases of anti-Semitic abuse and violence.

In a question from the Prime Minister at the House of Commons on Wednesday, Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer cautioned against “a surprising rise in anti-Semitic attacks,” and “the Jewish community is still very worried.” Said.

Johnson shared Starmer’s “fear” in a recent case, adding that the government “spoken the message out loud and clearly to those responsible for enforcing the law against such hate crimes.”

He said Britain would call for anti-Semitic action at every stage. “We don’t take it root, we don’t allow it to grow and weaken.”

“We will continue to reach out and support the Jewish community in every way we can, especially with the Community Safety Trust, which, in my view, does an absolutely good job,” Johnson said. It was.

The number of Community Safety Trusts (CSTs) collecting reports of anti-Semitic cases was 19 in the 11 days before May 8, compared to 116 in the 11 days from May 8. Said that it increased about 6 times.

Of the 116 reports, 34 were online abuses, 82 were offline, mainly verbal abuses, and 4 were violent.

In one incident, a rabbi suffered a head injury after being attacked by two men near a synagogue in Chigwell, northern London, on Sunday afternoon.

Abdellaman Brahimi, 25, and Souraka Jabouri, 18, were charged with serious physical harm, robbery, and injuries intended to cause religiously exacerbated criminal damage, and Magistrates’ Court of Colchester on Wednesday. Appeared in court.

According to the prosecution, two defendants stepped onto the road and braked Rabbi Raffy Goodwin, who was driving.

One said, “He’s a Jew,” before the petitioner’s car was kicked many times and the passenger side door mirrors broke.

Goodwin got out of the car and was hit on the face many times until he fell to the floor, after which he hit the back of his head with a concrete brick. The prosecution said his phone had been stolen.

In another case video A post on Twitter on Sunday showed that the car was moving down the street with the Palestinian flag. “[expletive] Jew, [expletive] Their mother, [expletive] “Their daughters” and “Rape their daughters” were heard through the speakers.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art tracked one of the cars and four men were arrested on suspicion of racially deteriorating public order and morals, but were subsequently arrested. Released on bail..

Lily Zhou and PA contributed to this report.

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