Britain launches record-breaking wage jump as a bit of staff shortage: Survey

London — According to a study by the Bank of England trying to assess how long the recent surge in inflation will last, UK employers have increased wages for new employees the most since at least the 1990s.

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), companies are still looking for employment in September, but staff availability has plummeted again, the most full-time and temporary workers in the 24-year history of the survey. Pushed up the starting salary.

REC CEO Neil Carbury said staff competition is from food processing and logistics (including the serious shortage of truck drivers that led to the recent fuel supply crisis in the UK) to office-based jobs. He said it was widespread.

“Whether it’s an empty gas station or the number of goods on the shelves of a supermarket, we’ve seen in the past few weeks how labor shortages have affected our daily lives,” he said. Told.

Carbury urged the government to encourage business investment, relax post-Brexit immigration rules, avoid barriers to international trade, and do more to improve skills training.

The Bank of England says the first rise in interest rates has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred last year and inflation was expected to exceed 4%. We carefully monitor wage growth measurements in determining whether inflation growth is as expected and temporary.

By William Schomberg