Britain special envoy discusses sanctions if Canada, Britain and Russia invade Ukraine, says

Ottawa — British envoy to Canada states that if Russia invades Ukraine, the two countries are cooperating with strict new sanctions against Russia.

Britain’s High Commissioner for Canada, Susanna Goshko, said that if Russian troops step into the Ukrainian border, their ability to target individuals close to President Vladimir Putin by passing new sanctions on Thursday. Was strengthened.

“We are ready to take sanctions,” Goshko said in an interview Thursday. “This newly strengthened sanctions system will enable us to implement very strict sanctions at that time, and we have worked very closely with various allies, including Canada, in this regard.”

Mr Goshko said when British Foreign Minister Liz Truss met with Russian Prime Minister Sergeĭ Viklov in Moscow and Boris Johnson flew to Brussels and Poland.

In London on Thursday, the British Parliament enacted new sanctions legislation targeting Russian politicians as well as the powerful oligarchs in favor of Putin.

The UK government has claimed the new law as the strictest sanctions to date, targeting businesses and individuals in key sectors such as information and communications technology, defense, mining and financial services.

“This allows us to track people, companies, or organizations that are strategically important to the Kremlin,” Goshko said. “They are designed so that the Kremlin actually attacks where it hurts and does not harm the Russian people. We do not have beef with the Russian people.”

Russia’s deployment of 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border has raised fears of aggression, but Russia has denied plans to do so.

Goshko said the UK will share details of the meeting with Canadian authorities after receiving the latest information on a recent trip to Ukraine and other European capitals by Foreign Minister Melanie Joly and Defense Minister Anita Anand. ..

Britain’s diplomatic advance follows France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s attempt to ease tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border at a meeting with Putin in Moscow on Monday. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also met with Viklov in Geneva.

Last month, Canada’s German and European Union ambassadors told Canadian media that their government was working closely with Ottawa to coordinate the imposition of sanctions on the Russian economy and individuals.

Unlike Canada, which decided not to supply deadly weapons to the Ukrainian army, Britain also supplied the Kiev government with lightly armored anti-tank weapons.

Goshko emphasized that it was not her place to tell Canada whether to strengthen military aid and follow suit.

“Canada has also been involved in training Ukrainian soldiers for some time, so there is a lot of cooperation we have, of course, because Canada is permanently working on NATO through a peace of mind operation. , There is so much that Canada is doing. “

Canada leads NATO combatgroups in Latvia, with an army of about 600, and Ukraine with 200 military trainers. Not a NATO member country.

Canada recently announced a three-year extension of its training mission in Ukraine, committing an additional 60 trainers as part of a military aid package that includes night-vision goggles and armored vests.

Canada and NATO partners have not yet responded to requests for military reinforcements from another Eastern European ally, Latvia.

Earlier this week, Ottawa warned against a trip to Ukraine and urged all Canadians in the country to leave.

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