Britain suffers two storms in three days as forecasters warn of 90Mph winds

The UK will be hit by two storms in three days this week as forecasters warn of winds up to 90mph.

Two low pressure systems have been named that carry spells that can cause very strong winds and snow between Wednesday and Friday.

Storm Dudley crosses the northern half of Britain from Wednesday night to Thursday morning, and Storm Eunice can bring strong winds and snow to parts of the country on Friday.

Paul Gandersen, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said active jet streams are driving low-voltage systems across the country, both of which are likely to cause confusion.

Wind weather warning February 16-17, 2022
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On Wednesday evening, strong winds cross western Scotland and Northern Ireland, rushing eastward to northern England until overnight and Thursday morning.

Exposed coasts and hills in Scotland can have gusts of 80mph to 90mph, and inland can have gusts of 60mph to 70mph.

The wind is expected to weaken from Thursday afternoon to evening, the forecaster added.

Currently, amber weather warnings are issued in the northern half of the UK on Wednesday and Thursday, and “serious turmoil” is expected.

The next low-voltage system will track the central region of the United Kingdom on Friday when Storm Eunice arrives.

According to the Met Office, the areas affected by strong winds and the worst are unknown at this time, but gusts of 60mph to 70mph can occur inland, and in some cases even stronger winds are expected to have further effects. ..

The system is also expected to bring some heavy rainfall, with significant snowfall on the Midlands and further north hills.

A spokesman for the Met Office said:

“When it goes down, the snow can be short-lived, but when it falls, it can be a blizzard.”

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