Britain will not be deterred by Putin’s nuclear threat, says national security adviser

Britain will not be deterred from helping Ukraine by Russia’s nuclear threat and will oppose “reckless language of escalation”, National Security Adviser Sir Tim Barrow said Wednesday.

Speaking to lawmakers at a Joint National Security Strategy hearing, Barrow said allies need to increase their support for Ukraine so that it can defend itself and win the battlefield, saying that “we It is an integral part of any strategy that brings peace to

That’s after Russia unilaterally suspended its participation in the last remaining nuclear arms control deal with the United States last week. President Vladimir Putin on Sunday accused the West of trying to destroy Russia, saying Russia must take into account the nuclear capabilities of Britain and France, both NATO members.

Asked if Western support for Ukraine was limited by fear of Russian escalation, Barrow said it was clear that Britain and its allies would support Ukraine by giving it the means to defend itself. said.

Noting that he assumed the question referred to “nuclear escalation or rhetoric”, Barrow noted that the Kremlin’s “reckless rhetoric” “has no place” and the UK’s defense of Ukraine has been criticized. He said he would not be discouraged from helping.

“We are not going to be deterred. We are going to be very clear about our support for Ukraine.

He added that the UK is not alone in taking such a stance.

“Let me be clear, I think you will find many partners around the world making the same point.

Barrow told the commission that the West wanted the conflict to end as soon as possible, but there was no indication that Moscow wanted the same.

Epoch Times photo
Defense Commission Chairman Tobias Elwood addresses the media on College Green outside the Houses of Parliament in London on July 7, 2022. (Dominic Lipinski/PA Media)

He said the frozen conflict was “in no one’s interest,” and criticized Defense Committee Chairman Tobias Elwood for saying that Ukraine needs to acquire territory to avoid a future flare-up of Russian aggression. I agree with your comment.

He also said that the victory would not only send a message to Russia, but that “others can think.”

“I think it is necessary to make it absolutely clear that Ukraine needs to have means of self-defense and, as a prelude, to be able to succeed on the battlefield. We can conclude this conflict with negotiations,” he said. Mr Barrow said, adding that this meant Britain needed to accelerate its aid.

But the National Security Advisor has dismissed proposals to invite Ukraine to join the Joint Expeditionary Force, a British-led defense alliance that includes Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. bottom. At the moment, we are ensuring that Ukraine has the support it needs on the battlefield.

Asked for his thoughts on whether the conflict could escalate into a “full proxy war” with the Chinese regime’s armed forces against Russia after Beijing attempted to position itself as an independent arbitrator. “It would be very damaging and would be the wrong decision for Russia,” Mr. Barrow said. Everyone, including China, is arming Russia in this terrifying and misguided aggression. “

Epoch Times photo
Conservative MP Alicia Kearns, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, addresses a debate on the Procurement Bill in Parliament, Westminster, London, 9 January 2023. (Screenshot via Epoch Times)

Alicia Kearns, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, criticized some of Britain’s allies as “wanting to hide behind the fact that they appear to genuinely believe that defense is an escalation”, adding that “defense never escalates”. not,’ he said.

New START Treaty

The United States and Russia are believed to have about 90% of the world’s existing nuclear warheads.

Moscow last week suspended its participation in the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty with the United States, limiting the number of warheads each can have.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken described the move as “unfortunate and irresponsible”.

“We will be watching closely what Russia actually does,” Mr Brinken told reporters. “Of course, in any case, we will make sure that we are properly prepared for the security of our country and our allies.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday that Washington will not resume participation in START unless it listens to Moscow’s position.

Peskov told the daily Izvestia that the “attitude of the Western crowd” led by the United States needed to change towards Moscow.

He also said that by arming Ukraine, NATO would “no longer act as a conditional enemy, but as an adversary and single bloc.”

US President Joe Biden last week denied Putin’s claims that the West wants to destroy Russia.

“The United States and European countries are not trying to dominate or destroy Russia. As Putin said today, the West did not plan to attack Russia,” said Biden. . “And millions of Russian citizens who just want to live in peace with their neighbors are not enemies.”

Adam Morrow contributed to this report.