Britain’s “Closing Inn” on Free Trade Agreement with New Zealand


International Trade Minister Liz Truss said Britain was “in principle approaching an agreement” in trade negotiations with New Zealand.

She said there was “significant progress” in the sixth round of talks between the two countries, which took place from 19th to 30th July.

The outlook for a deal with Australia has caused controversy, raising concerns about the truncation of many British farmers, and some lawmakers are how environmentally friendly it is to transport food to and from the other side of the world. I am wondering.

The Department for International Trade said transactions that undermine high environmental protection and food standards will not be signed.

The free trade agreement could eliminate tariffs on UK and New Zealand commodities, reduce consumer costs and open access to UK services and investments.

Mr. Truss said the agreement is also an “important step” towards joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement (CPTPP), a free trade region of 11 Asia-Pacific countries.

The Minister of International Trade said: “This week, trade negotiations with New Zealand have made great strides.

“We are, in principle, approaching an agreement and six more chapters have been completed. The UK and New Zealand share core values, a long history, and a commitment to free trade. Areas such as green trade and digital trade. Needs a modern agreement to promote a new frontier in the United Kingdom.

“This agreement is also an important step in joining the CPTPP. It is a high-level agreement targeting 500 million people on four continents.

“Membership brings new opportunities to the UK’s greatest businesses, farmers and services, providing access to the world’s largest and fastest growing markets.”

Ben Hatton