Britain’s Conservative leader resigns on “groping” claim

The Conservative leader has resigned after allegations of groping for two other men in a drunken case.

Chris Pincher, Tory’s deputy leader responsible for maintaining the discipline of Conservative lawmakers, said he “confused” himself after drinking too much.

In his resignation to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Pincher apologized for his actions and stated that serving the government was “an honor of my life.”

“Last night I drank too much. I confused myself and others. That’s the last thing I want to do, and I apologize to you and the people involved for that,” he said. rice field.

“I think the right thing to do in this situation is to resign from the Deputy Leader. I have an obligation to you and the people I upset.”

Sun, a British tabloid, reported that Pincher “groped” two male guests on Wednesday night at the Carlton Club, a Conservative private member club in Piccadilly, London.

Government Minister Simon Hart, who is in charge of the Wales issue, said Conservative leader Chris Heaton-Harris had a “conversation” all day long, “there could be a very different conversation over the course of the day. “.

“I’m crazy about Sleaze”

Pincher resigned as a junior whip in November 2017 after Pincher left the whip office after complaining that he had made an unwanted pass in Alex Story, a former Olympic rower and conservative candidate. This is the second time.

After mentioning both police and Conservative complaints, he was brought back as Deputy Leader by Theresa May in January 2018.

When Johnson took office as Prime Minister in July 2019, he was transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Minister of Europe and the United States and returned to the Whips office for the third time in February 2022, causing concern among Tories. As it grew, we strengthened our support for the Prime Minister. Over the “Party Gate” scandal.

The Tories recently lost several lawmakers in a series of scandals.

In May, Wakefield Tory lawmaker Imran Ahmad Khan resigned after being convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

In the same month, Tory lawmakers Tiberton and Honiton Neil Parish resigned after admitting they were watching pornography in the Commons room.

Labor has shown that recent incidents show that the Tories are “engaged in threes and scandals,” and given what happened earlier, how Pincher takes the Conservative whip. I questioned if I could allow it.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said the pincher should stop whipping while a full investigation is taking place.

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Alexander Chan