Britain’s Johnson calls for talks as union threatens “the biggest railroad strike in modern history”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the railroad union to discuss with the government before causing “irreparable damages” on strike.

The National Rail, Shipping and Transport Workers Union (RMT) holds ballots for 40,000 members on plans for strikes on employment, wages and conditions. The ballot is due to end on Tuesday, and the union claims that the vote could lead to “the biggest railroad strike in modern history.”

Another union, the Transport Salary Association (TSSA), has also warned of a “summer of dissatisfaction” that will take similar action along the way unless the wage dispute is resolved.

An official spokesman for the Prime Minister said on Monday: You need to make sure they are suitable for the future. “

He said the government wants “fair transactions for staff, passengers and taxpayers to keep money from being robbed of other important services” such as the National Health Service. ..

“The Prime Minister firmly believes in the view that unions should discuss with the government before they cause irreparable damage to our railroads. Strikes should be a last resort, not a first.” Added.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps told The Sunday Telegraph that he is considering enacting legislation that would make industrial activities illegal unless a certain number of employees are working.

Mr Shaps said the government wants the union to “wake up and smell coffee,” suggesting that strikes could keep more people away from rail travel.

He also accused trade unions of going straight to industrial activity rather than using it as a last resort, and the railroad has already received “economic livelihood support” due to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic. He added.

Mentioning the Conservative Party’s 2019 Election Manifest pledge, which promised minimal service during the strike, he said: If they really reach that point, the minimum service level will be a way to work to protect those freight routes and such. “

The union responded to the threat with anger.

“Grant Shaps’ attempts to outlaw effective strikes on the railroad will face the most intense resistance from RMT and the broader trade union movement,” said RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch. rice field.

He said the government needs to “focus on finding a fair reconciliation” on railroad disputes, rather than “attacking the democratic rights of workers.”

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Alexander Chan