Britain’s Johnson faces an “unavoidable” vote of no confidence vote: Senior Conservative Party

A vote of lack of confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership is “unavoidable,” a senior British Conservative lawmaker said as the political crisis over the “partisan” scandal deepened.

Johnson is the opposition and himself following allegations of a series of harmful political parties and other rallies at 10 Downing Street’s official residence in Whitehall and other government departments during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) heyday. Both members of the Diet have asked me to resign. Party) A pandemic of a virus that violates the blockade rules written by the government.

Tobias Ellwood, a former Conservative Minister of the House of Commons’ Defense Committee, said Wednesday that he would lose confidence in the Prime Minister and submit a letter to the Conservative Party’s 1922 Backbench Parliamentary Committee.

Tobias Ellwood
Tobias Ellwood, MP of Bournemouth East, will walk Westminster in London on February 2, 2022. (Leon Neil / Getty Images)

A distrust resolution is triggered when the Commission receives 54 letters from the MP expressing lack of trust in the Prime Minister.

“It’s scary that every MP has to continue to defend this against the British people,” Ellwood told Sky News.

He added, “I think the Prime Minister doesn’t understand how worried his colleagues, backbenchers and ministers are in every corner of the party. This all goes in one direction and is always a very ugly place. Will slip towards. “

Elwood said it was time for Johnson to “grasp” and call for a vote of trust on his own, rather than “waiting for the final submission of the inevitable 54 letters.”

“It’s time to completely resolve this and allow the party to return to rule,” he said.

Anthony Mangnall, one of the 2019 Conservatives, also confirmed that he wanted to vote on the future of Johnson’s leadership, and the Prime Minister’s actions “covered up good work elsewhere. I wrote on Twitter.

On Monday, senior civil servant Sue Gray revealed that the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating 12 cases held at the center of the government for possible violations of the blockade rules.

One of the rallies was held on November 13, 2020 at Johnson’s Downing Street Flat. Immediately after his government placed England under a second national blockade and banned meetings with people from other households, with permitted exceptions, including work purposes.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Johnson was seen heading to the flat on the night of the rally.

However, in a question from the Prime Minister at the House of Commons on Wednesday, Johnson again refused to say if he was in the alleged party in his apartment and told the MP that “the process must continue.”

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