Britain’s Johnson welcomes Ukraine’s “best time” and predicts victory over Russia’s aggression


Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed Ukraine’s resistance to Russia’s aggression as the country’s “best time” and expressed confidence that Ukraine would win the war and be “free.”

Johnson also said in a speech to the Ukrainian Parliament via videolink on May 3 that the UK will send £ 300 million worth of support packages to Ukraine in the coming weeks. It was confirmed.

This was the first speech by world leaders to the Ukrainian Parliament since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion on February 24.

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The Ukrainian national anthem represents the national anthem before British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the Ukrainian Parliament in Kieu on May 3, 2022. (VerkhovnaRada / PA Media)

Ukrainian lawmakers at the Chamber of Commerce see the Union Jack and Ukrainian flags raised in gratitude for Britain, which has emerged as one of the country’s strongest allies in the war effort. I was able to.

Johnson told lawmakers: “I have one message for you today. Ukraine will win. Ukraine will be free.”

He said the Ukrainians “exploded Putin’s invincible myth” and “written one of the most glorious chapters in military history.”

“The so-called fascinating power of Putin’s war machine has defeated the immovable object of Ukraine’s patriotism and love for the country,” he said.

Reflecting Winston Churchill’s words, Johnson said, “This is the best time in Ukraine and will be remembered and spoken for future generations.”

He said Ukrainian resistance “exposed Putin’s historical stupidity, a huge mistake that only a dictator can make.”

He said Putin “sows catastrophe for himself and his country.”

“Putin’s mistake was to invade Ukraine. The dead Russian armor scattered in your fields and streets is a monument to the dangers of dictatorship itself, as well as his stupidity,” Johnson said. Added. Democracy. “

Johnson regrets the Western leaders who have not protected Ukraine from Russia in the past.

He said Ukraine’s allies “must be humble about what happened in 2014” when Russia annexed Crimea and the conflict began in the Donbus region of eastern Ukraine.

“The truth is that it was too late for us to figure out what was really happening, and we couldn’t impose collective sanctions, so we should put Vladimir Putin. It was, “he said.

He vowed that he could never make the same mistake again.

The Prime Minister told Ukrainian lawmakers that Britain would supply the country with Brimstone anti-aircraft missiles and Stormer anti-aircraft systems in the coming weeks.

He said the UK’s new support package includes “radars to accurately identify cannons attacking your city, large lift drones to supply your army, and thousands of night-vision devices.” Said that it has been.

He added: Attack you again. “

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