Britain’s minister says millions have faced “disastrous” in the biggest rail strike for over 30 years


The British minister has warned that travelers will suffer “disastrous” in the turmoil caused by future rail strikes, which are expected to be the largest in 30 years.

The Rail, Shipping and Transport Labor Union (RMT) has announced that it will “close” its national rail network on June 21, 23 and 25. .. “

In a conversation with Sky News on Monday, Treasury Secretary Simon Clarke said he was sorry for the “disastrousness” caused by the turmoil, but it was not the government’s responsibility to resolve the dispute.

“I think the public needs to be aware of the enormous turmoil this week, so it’s wise to prepare for it,” he said.

The main opposition Labor Party has accused the government of “interfering” with negotiations between the union and railroad operators by refusing to participate.

But Clark told the BBC Breakfast that the government would “continue to support” the negotiations, but not “control all means” and that involvement would “confuse things.” Stated.

“After all, this is a problem between employers (train operating companies and network rails) and trade unions, and the government hasn’t participated directly as part of these talks for very good reason. We do not intervene. It is a specific process between the employer and the union that represents the employee, but we provide support for the success of those discussions and there to enable the framework. I’m in. “

The minister rejected the RMT union’s call for a 7% salary increase to “respond to rising wages” so that inflation does not intensify or prolong.

He called for reforms in Britain’s “very outdated” railroad practices, which made the network “very unsustainable.”

“We can’t have invested £ 16 billion. [$19 billion] During the taxpayer pandemic, it’s worth £ 600 per household, there’s still a rail system, what’s happening there, and frankly, fares are higher than necessary and efficiency is the way The labor union is running because it is lower than necessary. “

Transport Minister Grant Shapps said on Sunday that the RMT union had “started” industrial activity for several weeks and accused millions of “innocent people” affected by the strike as “punishing”. rice field.

He also said the strike was “a huge act of self-harm” because the failure to modernize the railway “has jeopardized the future of the railway itself.”

PA Media contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan