Britain’s minister warns that NATO’s involvement in Ukraine will be “catastrophic”

The British Defense Minister warned that the involvement of the United States, the United Kingdom, or other NATO countries in Ukraine was “catastrophic,” emphasizing the importance of minimizing the risk of miscalculations.

Russia demanded that NATO should never allow Ukraine to join the alliance and gathered an estimated 130,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, claiming that Moscow had no intention of invading. did.

write in London TimesBritish Army Minister James Heapey, not to go against the story of Russian President Vladimir Putin that NATO is a “defense alliance” and NATO is an expansionist and has embarked on threatening Russia. He emphasized that he must be “attention”.

Lviv Ukraine
Ukrainian military personnel train in January at the launch site of the International Peace and Security Center near the city of Lviv in western Ukraine using next-generation light anti-aircraft weapons (NLAW) Swedish and British anti-aircraft missile launchers. join. 28th, 2022. (AFP via Getty Images)

Hepee acknowledged that NATO has crossed national borders into Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans, etc. since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

But he argued that “all of this is very different from providing collective security for the alliance to non-members, especially the alliance is very likely to collapse as a result.”

Doing so is “an excuse to claim that Putin is responding to the western aggression at the border,” he wrote.

“The clarity of our message is essential to minimize the risk of miscalculations and escalations,” he emphasized. “The consequences of the involvement of the United States, the United Kingdom, or other NATO countries in Ukraine are devastating.”

“This is a cool head time,” he added, “NATO must show its determination within its own boundaries.”

However, a senior Conservative lawmaker criticized “Ukraine is trying to hide behind the fact that it is not a NATO member.”

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Defense Select Committee of the House of Commons, said: Bosnia was not a member of NATO. Kosovo is not a member of NATO. “

He spoke to LBC Radio, dismissing the idea that “there is no treaty we rely on” and said, “Surely we have a commitment to freedom and support for democracy in Europe.”

He added: “This is just someone’s words that were just to appease your actual invaders. This is completely wrong.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian British ambassador Vadim Pristeco has reverted to a proposal that his country could consider abandoning its ambition to join NATO to avoid the war.

Prestaco told the BBC on Sunday night that Ukraine would consider a “serious concession” that would include removing the goal of joining NATO from the Ukrainian Constitution.

But on Monday he told the BBC breakfast that Ukraine was “ready for many concessions” but “constitutionally” does not include giving up future NATO accession. ..

British Defense Minister Heapey was asked to comment on the ambassador’s remarks and said he supported whatever Ukraine decided to do with its ambition to join NATO.

“If Ukraine wants to provide an alternative route that it feels it has chosen as a sovereign state as part of its diplomatic efforts to build relations and trust with Ukraine, the UK is one of Ukraine, so in it. We are pleased to support Ukraine. The world’s best friend, “he told the BBC.

“But similarly, if Ukraine wants to reserve the right to participate in NATO, or to do what Moscow disagrees with, Ukraine is a sovereign state and we need to support it too. “

PA Media and Reuters contributed to this report.

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