British actress Zara Fisian imprisoned for a teenage girl of sexual abuse

A British actress who starred in the 2016 Marvel superhero movie “Doctor Strange” has been imprisoned for eight years for sex crimes against a teenage girl.

Zara Fisian, 37, and screenwriter’s husband, Victor Marque, 59, were guilty of 14 sexual acts with a child who had been groomed and abused since the age of 13 at Nottingham’s Crown Court last week. I was sentenced.

Marque, convicted of assaulting a second minor girl four times, was imprisoned for 14 years.

The crimes of Phythian and Marke were convicted on dates from 2005 to 2008.

Fisian played “Brunette Enthusiasm” in “Doctor Strange” starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role, but will not appear in the sequel “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” currently in the cinema. It was.

Despite her small role in Hollywood’s blockbuster 2016, Fisian’s career never took another level, and in 2017 she starred in the low-budget British comedy Cannibals and Carpetfitters. bottom.

According to IMDB, her latest sci-fi movie, Unit 19, set in 2185, was written by Marke and is not yet complete.

The couple’s beliefs are expected to be the final of the project.

After Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually harassing several young men in 2017, his scene in Ridley Scott’s thriller “All Money in the World” was abandoned and J. Re-photographed with Christopher Plummer in the role of Paul Getty.

Judge Mark Watson handed down Fisian’s decision and said: When I was young. It cannot be ignored that it started when you were still young. “

But he said it didn’t allow the “choice” she made, he added: You have chosen to play your part. “

Watson told Marke, “I think you are the driving force behind the abuse.”

Under English law, a pair is considered subject to parole after providing half the sentence.

At the trial, she heard that Marque threatened a victim who could not be named for legal reasons, and she described the couple as having the character of “Jekyll and Hyde.”

Fithian told the court that he had taken a big break in the movie after being discovered at a US martial arts competition.

She said she had a relationship with Marche, a martial arts instructor at the age of 19.

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