British aircraft carrier under Chinese line of sight entering the disputed waters of the South China Sea


HMS Defender is part of the carrier strike group-Royal Navy

HMS Defender is part of the carrier strike group-Royal Navy

The British aircraft carrier entered the South China Sea on Tuesday night. Beijing is monitoring from the air and underwater, according to defense sources.

NS Carrier strike group I entered the disputed sea on Tuesday. HMS Queen Elizabeth has not yet been confirmed to return, but it is believed that she will not sail the disputed Taiwan Strait while in the area.

One defense source said China is expected to monitor the group’s movements not only in the air but also underwater.

when Telegraph Access to HMS Queen Elizabeth in Cyprus was recently granted, and there was a mass surveillance of Russian aircraft carriers in the air, underwater and on the surface.At that time, it was explained by the people on board As a “cat and mouse” game..

The warship passes through the Black Sea, where Increased transactions with Russia..

However, sources also warned that passing through the South China Sea would be smoother than when Russia responded to the British Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender when it passed through the Black Sea in June. did.

Russia said last month One of its warships in the area near the Crimean Peninsula A warning shot was fired and a military plane dropped a bomb, expelling a British destroyer from the body of water. This is what Russia claims to be its own country.

The Moscow Ministry of Defense said it fired a “warning shot” on a British warship before the Su-24M military aircraft dropped four bombs near the ship.

However, in response to Moscow’s claims at the time, Downing Street rejected the proposal by the Royal Navy that it was “fired or the ship was in Russian waters” as “incorrect.”

Meanwhile, US Defense Secretary said Tuesday that Britain could be more useful as an ally if it weren’t focused on Asia.

“We are interested in the world and we want to make sure we work together to address all those interests,” Lloyd Austin said at a press conference in Singapore.

He added: “[Military] Insufficient resources. .. .. We aim to balance our efforts in different parts of the world, not only to help each other in the Indo-Pacific, but also to help each other in other parts of the world. “

“NS [could] Focus a little more here, and […] The UK may be more useful in other parts of the world. “

A MoD spokesman said: “Carrier strike groups legally navigate the South China Sea, as one-third of the world’s shipping does each year. The most direct through the high seas to practice with Philippine Sea allies and partners. I’m taking a typical route.

“As the Defense Minister told the British Parliament in April, we are not going to the other side of the world to provoke. We are confident, but not confrontational.”