British animal cruelty criminals can be up to 5 years in prison

People convicted of animal cruelty crimes in England and Wales may soon face up to five years’ imprisonment, following the recommendations of the Judgment Council.

Last year Animal welfare (sentence) bill Given the royal assent, the maximum penalties have been raised from six months to five years, causing unnecessary pain, tail docking, and fighting animals.

Between now and August, the sentencing council is discussing whether to adopt a stricter judgment.

Judge Rosa Dean of the Sentence Council said:

“Animals cannot protect themselves or pay attention to their suffering. It is important that the courts have the power to make appropriate decisions on criminals who commit these crimes,” she said. I added.

Under the proposal, “highest liability” is reserved for “sadistic or extreme cases, or cases performed in the context of commercial or organized criminal activity.”

Also, if cruel images are shared on social media or committed in front of children, these are treated as exacerbating factors.

In February, English Premier League soccer player Kurtzuma apologized after a video of kicking a pet cat across the floor of Essex’s house was talked about.

Zuma, 27, was booed by fans of his team, West Ham, after a video shot by his brother Joan was shown on Snapchat. He later apologized and said: Also, I sincerely apologize to those who got angry with the video … This behavior was an isolated incident that never happened again. “

RSPCA said it had taken care of the cat and started the process of prosecuting the Zuma brothers under the Animal Welfare Act.

Chris Sherwood, Chief Executive Officer of RSPCA, said: We are pleased that the Council is seeking views on the guidelines and that animals will soon be protected from those who injure or exploit them. “

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Chris Summers


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