British Army driver waiting to refuel


The British government announced on Monday that it would prepare a limited number of Army tanker drivers to help deliver fuel to gas stations as needed amid rising pressure.

Earlier Monday, the minister said he had “no plans” to draft a military driver after Prime Minister Boris Johnson was ready to launch “Operation Escaline.” Gas station if needed after Brexit.

The government said it would receive professional training before military personnel were deployed.

In a previous interview Government announcementBBC Radio 4’s “Today” program on Monday said fuel supply included a “whole process” and was difficult to load into tanks, said Brian Maderson, chairman of the Gasoline Retailers Association.

The government’s announcement is one of the causes of the long lines at gas stations, and a shortage of drivers for heavy-duty vehicles (HGVs) is expected to calm panic buying after a few precursors have been exhausted.

so Joint statement Industry leaders such as BP, Shell and Fuels Transport & Logistics said on Monday that they expect the surge in demand to “return to normal levels in the next few days” as cars are well fueled.

“There is a lot of fuel in British refineries and terminals. As an industry, we work closely with the government to help ensure that fuel is delivered to stations across the country,” the statement said. I am.

In addition to military backup, the government also said it would extend some ADR driver licenses to ease the burden on the supply chain.

An ADR license, which indicates that a driver is eligible to carry dangerous goods under the ADR Convention, allows the driver to drive dangerous goods across national borders. Drivers must take a re-education training course to renew their license from 12 months to 6 weeks before the license expires.

Due to the temporary extension, licenses that expire between September 27th and December 31st will be extended until January 31st, 2022. This will reduce the number of drivers out of distribution to attend this winter’s training course.

The government previously had low wages, working conditions, training costs, tax changes, Brexit, and a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) pandemic.

Labor’s shadow defense minister, John Healy, said drafting a military driver was “approval of failure from the government, which continues to rely on the military to rescue it.”

Healy called the move a “sticking plaster” and said the government was moving too slowly “despite months of warning from the entire sector.”

Lily Zhou


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.