British Canadians dissatisfied with the UK’s new quarantine exemption


Ottawa — Many English Canadians are dissatisfied after being caught up in a new plan to ease quarantine restrictions on entry into Britain and Scotland.

British countries announced on Wednesday that fully vaccinated travelers in the United States or Europe do not need to be quarantined on arrival as of Monday.

Shawn Campbell says he hasn’t been able to visit his family since he came to Canada as a student from the UK in February 2020, even when his uncle died of COVID-19 infection last year.

He wrote to government officials, including the Secretary of Transportation, to express his “extreme disappointment” with the decision to exclude travelers from Canada from the new changes.

The British and Scottish governments did not provide a reason why Canada was not included in the new quarantine exception.

In recent weeks, Canada has reported a much lower number of new COVID-19 cases than the United States, the United Kingdom, and many European countries.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland states that the Government of Canada respects Britain’s right to make decisions on sovereignty and travel restrictions.

Freeland said whether the UK government provided an explanation as to why Canadian travelers were not included in the new quarantine tax exemption and why Ottawa is pursuing diplomatic efforts to change it. not.

Non-mandatory travelers from the UK are not currently allowed entry into Canada. On September 7th, fully vaccinated individuals will be admitted.

Global Affairs Canada and the Governor-general did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

British Canadians make up the majority of Canada’s population. A 2016 census reported that 32.5% of Canada’s population had ancestors from the British Isles, 6.3 million from the United Kingdom, 4.8 million from Scotland, and 4.6 from Ireland.