British citizen volunteering as medic in Ukraine killed in action

A British man who volunteered as a medic in Ukraine has died.

Craig McIntosh’s sister Lorna revealed on a GoFundMe set to bring his body home that he was murdered in Ukraine on August 24.

She said her brother, from Thetford, Norfolk, lost his life “in the line of duty.”

“Help bring this war hero home,” Ms. McIntosh wrote.

“Our brother bravely volunteered to go to (Ukraine) as a doctor to save lives in this war-torn country.

“In the line of duty, he gave his life to help others. This selfless man is now locked up in a Ukrainian morgue and there is no help to bring him home.”

She said it would cost about £4,000 ($4,600) to bring his body back to the UK.

“We have spoken with international funeral directors and it would cost around £4,000 to repatriate him to the UK.

“He gave his life to save others. He needs to go home and receive the service he deserves. The service of a true hero surrounded by family and friends. Please, our hero.” Please help me bring home.”

As of Wednesday evening, GoFundMe has surpassed its goal, raising £4,590.

A spokesperson for the UK Foreign Office told the PA News Agency:

Luke O’reilly

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