British citizens were told to leave Russia unless staying was “essential”

British who are still in Russia were told that they should leave if it is not essential for them to stay in Russia.

The Foreign Ministry updated its advice on Saturday, saying that Britons should use the remaining commercial routes to escape the country.

According to a post on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, “If your presence in Russia is not essential, we strongly recommend that you consider departing on the remaining commercial routes.”

The ministry said it may not be possible to fly directly via the UK and EU countries, but it may be possible to travel via the Middle East and Turkey.

Previously, there was advice that people outside Russia should not travel to Russia.

This move, due to the sanctions felt in Russia, is aimed at deepening the crisis involving Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that “increasing variability in the Russian economy” was one of the reasons why British people did not go to Russia.

Geraldine Scott

PA media