British Columbia grants Karen Commission an additional 6 months to submit a money laundering report


Commissioner Austin Karen will review the document before making a statement on February 24, 2020 at the Karen Investigation Commission on Money Laundering in British Columbia, Vancouver. (Canada Press / Daryl Dike)

Vancouver — The Investigation Commission has received a six-month extension to submit a final report on money laundering in British Columbia.

The state government has approved an extension of the deadline from December 15th to May 20th, according to a statement from the British Columbia Money Laundering Investigation Commission.

Hearings and submissions, which were scheduled to be completed a few months ago, did not end until October, so investigator Austin Karen said he sought more time to complete the report.

According to the statement, the Commission held a 138-day hearing, hearing from 198 Witnesses and receiving 1,063 exhibits over 70,000 pages.

Karen, a judge at the BC Supreme Court, has several reports that illegal cash flows of hundreds of millions of dollars associated with organized crime are affecting BC’s real estate, luxury car and gaming sectors. After stating, he was appointed to lead the hearing in 2019.

Investigation missions include making fact-finding findings and recommendations regarding the scope, growth, and methods of money laundering.

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