British Defense Minister self-quarantines after testing military chiefs positive for COVID-19

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace and many of the best military commanders have confirmed that Defense Ministry General Nick Carter is self-reliant after testing positive for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. ..

In a statement, a spokesman for the ministry said: He and his colleagues, including the Secretary of State, who attended the senior meeting last week, are independent according to government guidelines. “

Carter tested positive last Thursday in a meeting with Wallace. Deputy Secretary of Defense Tim Frazier, General Mark Carlton Smith, First Sea Lord Tony Radakin, Air Force General Mike Wigston, and Commander General Patrick Sanders of Strategic Command.

Although social distance measures are said to have been followed during the meeting, Radakin, Wigston and Sanders contacted Carter, who tested positive the day after the meeting, the day after performing at the Charke Valley Historical Festival on Friday. It was.

Telegraph During a meeting on Thursday, Carlton Smith and Carter’s adjutant reported that they “keeped a physical distance” from Carter.

Those who are self-isolated are expected to do business in remote areas.

by Government guidelines In the United Kingdom, people must self-isolate after being advised to do so by the NHS Test and Trace Program.

The NHS advises you to self-quarantine as soon as the app notifies you that you have contacted someone who tested positive for the CCP virus.

Self-isolating people are advised not to leave the home for reasons other than basic care for 10 days from the date of close contact.

Boris Johnson, former health minister Matt Hancock, and Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer were previously quarantined after being notified by the Test and Trace mobile app.

PA contributed to this report.

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