British drivers slap with over 22,000 parking violation tickets daily

According to a new survey, UK drivers are handed an average of over 22,000 tickets daily by a private parking company.

The company issued 4 million tickets to British drivers between April and September, revealing an analysis of government data by PA News Agency.

This was despite car use being more than a quarter below the pre-coronavirus pandemic level early in the six months.

As ticket rates continue, fiscal year totals will approach the record high of 8.4 million set in 2019/20.

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This number was recorded by a parking company from the Driver License Agency (DVLA) to track car owners on suspicion of infringement in private parking lots such as shopping centers, leisure facilities, and highway service areas. Shows the number of times.

Each resulting ticket can cost the driver up to £ 100.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation’s automotive research charity, said:

“We believe that few drivers deliberately break the rules and, as a result, get stuck with invoices up to £ 100. In particular, they just dropped some of the myriad parcel deliveries they’ve ordered so far. Especially in the case of. Years to condominiums and industrial estates.

“The advice to the driver never ignores the parking fee notice. Read it carefully and, no matter how strongly it is expressed, if it is wrong, try it.”

About 163 companies requested car owner records between April and September. The largest buyer was Parking Eye with nearly 900,000 records.

Gooding said: The pandemic has reached these shores. “

The agency says the fee is set to recover the cost of providing the information and does not make any money from the process.

The implementation of measures to prevent driver abuse by parking companies is awaiting approval by the Minister.

They include a government-approved code of conduct, a single appeal service, and a system of accusations and penalties that are more consistent with those imposed by Congress.

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