British Foreign Minister threatens to invalidate Northern Ireland’s Brexit agreement

Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss has warned the European Union that if negotiations fail, it is ready to unilaterally revoke some of the post-Bregit agreements on Northern Ireland.

After Sir Frost resigned as Minister of Brexit last month, Truss was handed over responsibility for the negotiations. She will have her first face-to-face meeting with EU counterpart Maroš Šefchovic, Vice-President of the European Commission, on Thursday’s visit to the United Kingdom.

write in The Sunday Telegraph, Truss said it would propose a “constructive proposal” to Sefkovich, but if the deal was unsuccessful, it was designed to “proactively” invoke Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol to prevent harsh borders. Suspend part of the treaty. Between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

She said that resolving the “unintended consequences” produced by the Protocol for Maintaining Peace in Northern Ireland is her “absolute priority”.

“Signs something like Northern Ireland people can’t benefit from the same tax and spending decisions as in other parts of the UK, or see goods subject to checks in their own country,” said Truss. It won’t be up. ” “

“I want a negotiated solution, but if I have to use legitimate provisions, including Article 16, I’m happy to do that,” she warned.

In response to the threat of the truss, EU Ambassador to Japan João Vale de Almeida said it would be useless to “continue to incite the problem” of invoking Article 16.

He told Sky News: I’m not very impressed. “

He called for “new momentum” at the parley, adding: It was too long. “

Last week, Sefkovich warned that if the UK took drastic steps, it would jeopardize the “whole transaction base” mediated between the UK and the EU.

“The Northern Ireland Protocol is the most complex part of Brexit negotiations, which is the basis of the entire transaction. Without the protocol, the entire system would collapse. At any cost, it would be prevented. Must be, “he told the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

Northern Ireland Protocol complains that it is effectively keeping Northern Ireland within the EU’s single market while building the Irish Sea border between the UK state and the UK mainland. Is strongly opposed by.

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Alexander Chan