British Foreign Minister visits Australia to build stronger bonds in the invasion of China and Russia

Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss said Britain and Australia will continue to show “strong vigilance” to protect freedom and democracy in the face of rising threats from “malicious invaders.” ..

Tras is in Australia and holds ministerial-level talks with British Defense Minister Ben Wallace and his counterparts, Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defense Minister Peter Dutton.

It will be the first 2 to 2 “AUKMIN” talk in Australia since the pandemic began.

The two countries aim to build stronger economic, security and technological ties to remedy China and Russia’s dependence on trade and resources, which Truss has described as strategic vulnerabilities.

UK trade
Britain’s Minister of International Trade and Women’s Equality Liz Truss will be seen outside Downing Street in London, UK, on ​​March 17, 2020. (Henry Nichols / Reuters)

“The AUKUS partnership between the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States underscores how we protect our values, protect trade routes and increase stability across the Indo-Pacific,” Truss said. Says. In release..

“In Australia, we will strengthen our economic, diplomatic and security relations and make our country safer and more competitive in order to win the battle for ideas as part of our network of freedoms.”

Before the meeting, Truss told News Corp Australians that Australia was an “absolutely important” part of the AUKUS alliance and “paved the way” for promoting freedom and democracy. rice field.

The AUKMIN parley will focus on strategic challenges in the Indo-Pacific region and explore ways in which allies can work together to maintain the current “rule-based” world order as the Chinese government’s engagement intensifies.

“Australia and the United Kingdom share an interest in maintaining an order based on international rules that underpin the stability and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region and the world,” said Payne. In a press release..

Epoch Times Photo
Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne was at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sol, South Korea on September 13, 2021 with Australia’s Defense Minister Peter Dutton, South Korea’s Foreign Minister Jung Yi-yeon, and South Korea’s Defense Minister Seo Wook. I gave a lecture at two meetings. .. (Jung Yeon-Je – Pool / Getty Images)

“The international environment is becoming more complex and difficult. AUKMIN 2022 will look at ways to strengthen partnerships to meet emerging threats and seize the many opportunities this era presents.”

Truss noted the “increasing economic coercion activity by China” seen in Lithuania and Australia.

“We are seeing a world where countries are using economic pressures, security pressures, and technology to undermine freedom and democracy,” she said.

She also warned of economic dependence on China and how developing countries have been tempted by debt trap investment programs such as the Belt and Road Initiative.

British delegations also emphasized Russia’s growing aggression against Ukraine, and trusses have increased the number of Russian tanks along the border, accusing the government of “destabilizing cyberattacks.” I paid attention to what I was doing.

“This kind of work can be responsive to events,” she said. “But you have to ask, why are we in this situation with Russia? (Russian President) Vladimir Putin feels bold because it hasn’t been done enough for 20 years. You also have to be proactive. You have to make time for it — that’s my view. “

British Defense Ben Wallace
Defense Minister Ben Wallace will leave London’s 10 Downing Street on February 13, 2020. (Leon Neal / Getty Images)

The British Defense Minister said Australia and the United Kingdom share one of the “oldest and strongest defense and security alliances.”

“We work together, work together to promote stability, and tackle common threats head-on with like-minded allies.”

Meanwhile, Australian Defense Minister Dutton said he was looking forward to discussing these issues with his counterparts.

Caden Pearson


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