British man pleads guilty to manslaughter in wife’s death

PAFOS, Cyprus—The lawyers of a British man on trial for the death of his wife in the Cyprus seaside resort town of Paphos said on Monday that the court handed down his client’s sentence after he pleaded guilty. said it wanted to suspend Manslaughter next week.

British man David Hunter faced premeditated murder charges in the death of his wife Janice last year, but his lawyers told Cyprus’ prosecutor general that he had only assisted suicide to keep the 75-year-old man out of prison. demanded prosecution. In prison — the demands they said were denied.

State prosecutor Andreas Hajikirou said on Monday the court granted a stay until Dec. 13, and Hunter’s defense would also argue for mitigation. We are hoping for a verdict before Christmas.

Manslaughter charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison, but Hunter is unlikely to get a lengthy prison sentence, Hajikirou said, prosecutors objecting to a British man serving a prison sentence in Britain. I added that I can’t chant.

Michael Pollack, spokesman for Justice Abroad, a group that advocates for Britons in legal troubles abroad, said there was no precedent for such “euthanasia, manslaughter-type cases” in Cyprus, and the courts said it would need to look at similar incidents. Common law countries like Canada and India.

“And if courts follow the treatment of euthanasia-type cases, a suspended sentence is a distinct possibility, and that’s what we’re asking the courts to do,” Pollack said after Monday’s hearing. Told.

In Cyprus, prison sentences of up to three years are suspended, according to Pollak.

Hunter’s wife Janice, 74, died in December 2021 at the couple’s retirement home in Paphos. It is home to many of the up to 60,000 British expats who live on the island. Details of how she died have not yet been released. Pollack said that Janice is taking a lot of medicine for a type of terminal blood cancer.

State prosecutor Hadjikyrou said defense attorneys had dismissed previous arrangements in which Hunter pleaded guilty to manslaughter and said there was no concrete evidence such as a written memo.

According to Pollack, Hunter became distraught after his wife’s death and attempted suicide.

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