British Minister apologizes for urging people not to do “Cower From” COVID


London — UK Health Minister Sajid Javid apologizes for a tweet urging people to take the COVID-19 vaccine and not “cowling” from the virus, saying he made a “bad choice” on Sunday. , Deleted.

Javid, who replaced Matt Hancock as Minister of Health last month after his predecessor kissed an office aide and resigned for violating COVID rules, said when tens of thousands of people died from the virus in the UK. He was criticized for using the word “couer”. Many people are trying to stay safe.

Britain, with the highest number of official COVID deaths, shifts its strategy to fight the coronavirus from using restrictions that limit its spread to opening up society, hoping that the vaccine will protect most people from serious illness. Did.

Despite the high number of cases, the COVID-19 vaccine is also high, and authorities argue that a shift is needed to support companies in areas such as hospitality and the night economy.

“We’ve deleted tweets that use the word’couer’,” Jabido said on Twitter.

“I thanked the vaccine for its useful social counterattack, but it’s an inappropriate choice of language and I sincerely apologize. Like many, I’m with this terrible virus. You will never lose a loved one and minimize its impact. “

On Saturday, he wrote that he had recovered from a COVID-positive test after suffering from mild symptoms.

“If you haven’t done so already, get a jab. Learn to live with this virus instead of getting infected.”

Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner, one of the opposition lawmakers and one of those who lost their families in a pandemic, criticized his use of the phrase “from cower.”

“127,000 people have died from the virus. Tens of thousands would be here without the catastrophic failure of the government,” she said on Twitter.

“So how much do you despise those who are trying to keep themselves and their families safe?”

Elizabeth Piper