British ministers do not “blindly obey” plans made years ago

In addition to growing speculation about the future of the eastern section of HS2, Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps said the minister would not “blindly follow” plans made almost 20 years ago.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Chaps showed that a major rethinking of the high-speed rail project between Birmingham and Leeds may be needed.

In his treatise, “We ensure that we get the train to Leeds in a way that actually benefits people on the network, and do not blindly follow the plans invented 15 to 20 years ago. I want to. “

HS2 route
Infographic of HS2 route. (Infographic PA Graphics)

Phase 1 construction work is underway for the high-speed rail project from London to Birmingham.

Phase 2a will run from Birmingham to Crew, Phase 2b from Crew to Manchester, and from Birmingham to Leeds.

However, the eastern section of Phase 2b was abolished after a government-consigned Oakervee Review warned last year that HS2’s final bill could reach £ 106 billion ($ 144 billion) in 2019. There was a concern that it could happen.

This was exacerbated when the National Infrastructure Commission said in December that it should focus on regional connectivity.

Chaps told the Financial Times that the creation of a Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) scheme aimed at connecting cities in the region on the East-West route should also be considered.

He states: “Midlands Rail Hubs and Northern Powerhouse Rails … they were invented, not when the HS2 was first designed.

“We need to work on these things together. Are we doing things in the right order in the best way?”

Shadow Transport’s secretary Jim McMahon called Chaps’ comments “insulting.”

“I can’t trust what the Tories say,” he said. “It’s insulting to expect people to accept the endless reissue of promises made years ago.

“Poor transportation connections continue to curb North, Midland, and beyond, and conservative records are one of the complete failures to provide.

“Because of the government’s incompetence and the inability to get the project on track, the losing community will feel betrayed by the breach of yet another promise in the guise of a new announcement.”