British ministers say MPs can only vote for the “concept” of vaccine passports


The Cabinet Minister suggested that the MP may not be able to get a comprehensive vote on the introduction of a coronavirus vaccine passport to enter the nightclub as the British government faces the possibility of defeat.

Executive Secretary Kwasi Kwaten said Thursday that he was “confident” that the government would win the Commons vote, but suggested that it could be based on the “concept” of the vaccine passport.

Conservative rebels are planning to form an alliance with Labor from the end of September to defeat plans to set requirements for full vaccination of crowded clubs and venues.

The government faces the real prospects for the defeat of the Commons, with at least 42 Tory lawmakers saying they will not vote in favor of their vaccine passports.

However, Mr. Quarten told BBC Radio 4 today’s show that he was “very confident” that the government could pass the necessary bills.

“I don’t know what the proposed vote will be. I don’t know the wording and position of the actual vote at the House of Commons,” he said.

“It may be a general vote on the concept of a vaccine passport, but these votes can take any form you can imagine,” he said.

“I am confident that the government will maintain a majority if a vote is taken.”

The Liberal Democratic Party, which has vehemently criticized vaccine passports, has accused the government of “fearing a straight fight.”

“Because this is the majority of governments, trying to force a vaccine passport through Congress’s Shenanigan and bundling measures shows that they are not confident in their ability to persuade people in an honest way. . Interior Spokesman, MP Alistair Car Michael MP said.

“”[Prime Minister] Boris Johnson is now a “Stalinist” liberal in the government, pretending to care about the freedom of his citizens before taking power. “

There was a suggestion that Johnson was using this plan as a way to encourage young people to get the vaccine, but 10 seem to have rejected it.

An official spokesman for the Prime Minister said on Tuesday: “This is the policy set by the Prime Minister and we will introduce it by the end of September.”

At least 42 Conservative lawmakers have signed a petition for COVID certification used for “general services, business, or work” launched by the privacy rights group Big Brother Watch.

Currently, it is optional to use the NHS app to indicate whether club participants have been vaccinated or tested negative.

“The proof of a negative test will no longer be sufficient,” Johnson said on Monday when he announced plans to introduce a vaccine passport in a crowded venue.

The main opposition Labor Party said it believes testing is more efficient than vaccine passports.

“We need to confirm the details of what the government is proposing regarding vaccine passports,” said a Labor spokesman.

“We oppose the use of COVID vaccination status for daily access to venues and services. It is expensive, fraudulent and impractical,” he said. ..

“Double jabbing does not prove that you do not have the virus. Testing access to the venue will be more efficient and will give people and businesses more certainty.”

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