British Minister’s Tips on the Beijing Winter Olympics Diplomatic Boycott


The British Cabinet Minister hinted on Thursday that a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics over alleged human rights violations in China may be at the table.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, told the MP that the British minister had “no tickets reserved” to attend the match in February.

A week after the British minister first suggested the possibility of a boycott for the Beijing Olympics next year, U.S. President Joe Biden told reporters that the White House was “considering” to support the boycott. It was conducted.

Former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith asked if there would be an urgent debate about whether the government should “boycott the Winter Olympics, which should not have been given to this tyranny.” At that time, Reesemog said. The Communist Party government remembers its moral obligation. “

While repeating the long-standing policy of the British government, “I don’t think sports boycotts will work,” commons leaders are diplomatic, as many ministers have maintained when boycotts have been pressed for the past few months. The first boycott to give something that looks like a hint.

The Olympic Committee decides whether or not the athletes will participate in the match, but ” [to] The Minister of Government can tell the honorable gentleman that the ticket has not been booked, regardless of whether he wants to go to the People’s Republic of China. ” He said.

Whitehall sources said the Epoch Times minister had not yet made a decision on the government’s attendance at the game.

Duncan Smith, a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Policy Alliance (IPAC), said Reese Mogg’s comments were welcome, but the UK government should publicly confirm the boycott.

“Today’s announcement that government ministers are not planning to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics is welcome, but not yet a clear official statement,” he said.

“The game will be held while the Chinese government commits industrial-scale human rights abuses in the Uighur region of Tibet and sends almost daily military invasions into Taiwan’s territory. In addition, peaceful democracy in Hong Kong. The list of arrests and human rights abuses of the principle demonstrators is enormous. “

“That’s why the British government has to go one step further and publicly confirm that ministers, diplomats and other British officials will not participate in the game,” Tory officials said. Cannot be given. “

IPAC, an international network of approximately 200 members, has advocated the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in more than 10 parliaments around the world.

Lily Chow


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.