British MPs condemn ‘unusual’ decision to invite China to Queen’s funeral

A group of MPs have criticized the British government’s decision to invite Chinese officials to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral as “abnormal” and “inappropriate”.

China’s foreign ministry said Wednesday that Beijing is “actively considering” sending a high-level delegation to attend Monday’s funeral, but gave no further details.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is currently meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit in Uzbekistan and is believed unlikely to travel to London for the funeral.

In a letter to the Speakers of both the House and the Senate, Conservative Senators Tim Lawton and Sir Yin Duncan Smith, Crossbench MP Lord Alton and Labor Baroness Kennedy heard: “I am very concerned,” he said. The Chinese government has been invited to a state funeral next week, even though Russia, Belarus and Myanmar are excluded. ”

Ian Duncan Smith
Former Conservative Party leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith speaks at a rally marking the second anniversary of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement in London on June 12, 2021. (Yanning Qi/The Epoch Times)

“Given that the British parliament voted to authorize the Chinese government’s genocide against Uyghurs, it is surprising that the architects of that genocide should be treated in a more favorable way than the banned countries. is,” they said. .

In the letter, MPs said they had also written to Foreign Secretary James Cleverley to express their concerns.

Banning Chinese Officials from Congress

All signatories to the letter were sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime in 2021 for speaking out about abuses in Xinjiang.

As a result of the sanctions, the Chinese ambassador to Britain was barred from visiting parliament.

In the letter, lawmakers sought assurances that Chinese officials attending the funeral would not be allowed on the Capitol grounds.

they wrote:

“I am sure you will agree that it would be totally inappropriate for a Chinese government representative to come to the Palace of Westminster and that you can give us assurances that such a thing will not happen. .”

According to the BBC, the British government has not sent invitations to Russia and Belarus to invade Ukraine.

Burma, also known as Myanmar, has not received an invitation due to the breakdown of diplomatic ties following last year’s military coup.

Representatives from Syria, Venezuela and Afghanistan were also not on the guest list, while North Korea, Iran and Nicaragua were only invited to send ambassadors, the BBC reported.

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Alexander Chan