British police apologize for warning public not to warn misgendered convicted pedophile


British police warn against making ‘hate comments’ about the gender identity of transgender sex offenders after the Home Secretary told them to ‘focus on catching criminals instead of monitoring pronouns’ I apologized for what I said to people in

Sussex Police took to Twitter on Tuesday news It has the headline “Woman Convicted of Historic Crimes Against Children in Sussex” about Sally Ann Dixon.

Male-born Dixon identified as female and recently spent 20 years in prison for sexually abusing seven children between the ages of six and 15. During her crime, Dixon was called John Stephen Her Dixon.

Writing about the seriousness of his crime, Detective Constable Amy Pooley of the Sussex Police Complex Abuse Unit said: Sometimes for months at a time. ”

However, some members of the public on Twitter criticized the military for using the word “woman” in its headlines.

“This is a man commit a sex crime to the child’ and ‘This is not a woman’s crime.” they wrote

sussex police I responded by posting: “Hello, Sussex Police will not tolerate hateful comments about gender identity, regardless of the crime committed. This has nothing to do with the crime committed and investigated.”

When a member of the public asked whether it was a crime to express an opinion critical of gender, the official police account said: I posted an article on “What is a hate crime?” While telling them to “familiarize themselves” with the subject matter, they insist that they should not express gender-critical beliefs on the platform.

“If you have an opinion critical of gender and want to express it, you can do so on other platforms or on your own page, rather than targeting individuals,” police wrote. I’m here.

prompted by the exchange Secretary of the Interior Suela Braverman Blame the Force via Twitter.

“@sussex_police has successfully incarcerated dangerous criminals. But they misunderstand it by playing identity politics and denying biology. Concentrate on catching people,” she wrote.

As a result, the police removed the exchange, apology on tuesday nightThey also changed the headline of the first post to “Twenty Year Sentence for Past Sex Offenses”.

“Your early reply to a comment on Twitter was inconsistent with our normal style of engagement. We apologize for this and have removed the comment. We recognize the right of the public to express themselves,” they wrote.

September 8th, Daily Mail reported Dixon, a serial child sex offender who began transitioning to female in 2004, has been sent to a women’s prison despite not being legally recognized as a woman. That means she doesn’t have a gender recognition certificate.

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