British police arrest 13 people following slowing driving protests over fuel prices


Thirteen drivers were arrested on Monday after low-speed driving protests over soaring fuel prices blocked the road.

Many “slow” protests took place in Wales and parts of England on Monday morning, with drivers blocking several highways and A roads and calling for fuel tax cuts.

Six police were involved in cracking down on protests in their jurisdiction.

Thirteen people, one in England and twelve in Wales, were arrested by two police for failing to comply with police legal notices that they could not drive at less than 30 mph.

A man in his 50s was arrested by Devon and Cornwall police at A38 near Ivybridge in southwest England.

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Pontypridd-born saddle fitter Sharon Downs, 41, drives a horsebox across the Prince of Wales Bridge during a slow protest at M4 before being arrested on July 4, 2022. did. (PA media)

Director Adrian Lake statement Force includes “giving participants very clear parameters” to ensure traffic safety.

Leisk said the hours of protests at the M5 were “safe and legitimate,” but at the A38 there were “some challenges.”

“Around 9 am, some of the protests reported that the speed could be extremely slow, causing the car to brake hard and cause serious road problems,” he said.

Police escorted three vehicles from the road and warned the driver that he would be arrested if he violated parameters set by police, but one man ignored the warning, according to Reisk.

“The man was subsequently arrested and detained by police on suspicion of violating the Public Order Act,” Reisk said.

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Vicky Stamper, a former HGV driver from Cwmbran, was arrested during an M4 protest over fuel prices on July 4, 2022 because he was driving too late. (BronwenWeatherby / PA)

Gwent police in Wales arrested 12 people in protest against M4 for “violating legal notice by driving for long periods of less than 30 mph.”

“We are also aware of other driving violations that are not related to the protest, such as the use of mobile phones while driving,” said Assistant Commissioner Tom Harding.

“These crimes are handled properly,” he said.

West Marcia Police did not arrest the protesters at M54, but police said they “gather evidence during the event” and “take action against those who have committed road traffic violations.”

The unit later revealed in an email to the Epoch Times that it would not necessarily lead to arrest.

Three protesters arrested in Wales, including one truck driver and two self-employed people, told PA news agency that soaring fuel prices robbed them of their lives.

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