British police arrest suspect for killing teacher killed 5 minutes on foot to meet friend


London — British police say she arrested a suspect in a search for a teacher’s murderer who was killed in a park in London when she took a five-minute walk from her house to meet a friend in a pub on Thursday. I did.

Sabina Nessa, 28, left her home in southern London shortly before 8:30 pm on September 17, passing through Kater Park to the Depot Bar in Peggler Square, Kidbrooke Village.

She did not arrive and the body was found in the park the next afternoon.

“The trip to Sabina was supposed to take a little over five minutes, but we never got to our destination,” said detective Joe Garrity.

Police later said they had arrested a 38-year-old man in Lewisham, south of London, on suspicion of murder. They also published photos taken from security TV footage of men and vehicles, appealing to those who recognized that they would contact either immediately.

“Information about his identity and whereabouts can be essential to our investigation,” said Neil John, the detective’s chief police officer.

According to police, the autopsy performed on Monday was inconclusive.