British police cancel course called ‘hate crime re-education’ by critics

UK’s Hampshire Police have said free speech activists are being treated as “re-education courses” in hate crimes, including sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic material posted on social media. Abolished the plan that mandated people to participate in what they called.

The training courses are run by an organization called Restorative Solutions, financed by the Hampshire Police Department’s Police Crime Commission (PCC) and therefore paid for by the taxpayer.

Donna Jones, Hampshire PCC announced Her decision to stop the scheme on Saturday.

“I inherited a restorative justice contract when I was elected president last year, and the Restorative Hate Crime Awareness Course was part of that,” Jones said. Said Telegraph time of announcement.

“Hampshire and the Isle of Wight have decided not to offer this hate crime awareness course as a community resolution option.

Hampshire Police have been heavily criticized by free speech groups. After a video of them arresting and handcuffing a veteran (now named Darren Brady, 51) went viral.

Brady refused to go to the course or admit to the crime after sharing a tweet with a rainbow pride flag swastika.

“I am concerned about both the balance and the necessity of the police response to this incident,” Jones told the Epoch Times in an emailed statement at the time.

Lawrence Fox, actor, Rebirth Party founder and free speech activist who filmed the video, hailed the Hampshire Police decision as a personal victory. That was Harry Miller of the Bad Law Project, a former police officer turned free speech activist.

“Let’s see what we can do together” Fox wrote on Twitter.

Lawrence Fox said that bad law is inevitably linked to social justice because laws based on subjective crime are void and by definition unenforceable.

“The more money is put into cracking down on them, the more obvious they are at odds with basic civil liberties,” he said.

“The two of you are so reassuring and wonderful [Fox and Miller] You have stood up to the police and completely changed the precedent of the British legal system in a week,” Lawrence Fox said in an interview. sky news australia August 7th.

Miller said the police officers on the scene weren’t shy at all, but “old school Cooper” supported him.

“We were inundated with messages from senior officials cheering us on because they didn’t recognize the police they were looking at,” he said.

“I will continue to stand up to the police and remind them that there has never been a Stasi, Cheka or Gestapo in this country.

The Bad Law Project is the first free speech organization that Brady contacted.

“Attention UK police. If you continue on this ridiculous Orwellian course, we’re coming. You can’t stop us,” they said in a statement on Twitter.

The Epoch Times has reached out to Restorative Solutions for comment.

Abdul Turay