British police clear Labor Party leaders in violation of blockade rules

British Labor leaders can continue their duties after admitting that Durham police violated the COVID-19 blockade rule on Friday.

Sir Kiel Starmer and Angela Rayner are Labor Party leaders and assistants if police fine them for an office curry and beer dinner at the end of their working day in Durham on April 30, 2021. I have previously vowed to resign as a person.

The rules of the time were introduced by the conservative government and passed parliament with the support of the Labor Party and other political parties, allowing colleagues to “gather in larger groups or meet indoors where necessary for work. It was stipulated. It also includes a get-together with colleagues. “

In a statement on Friday, Durham police said 17 participants would not be fined and no further action would be taken.

“After applying the evidence full-code test, it was concluded that there are no cases of answering a rule breach due to an exception, the application of reasonably necessary work,” the statement said.

Durham police said investigators received final evidence from the local constituency on Tuesday and completed the investigation on Friday.

“The investigation is thorough, detailed and proportional,” he said.

The military did not identify individuals in line with established national police guidelines.

React to the result twitter“When I was in Durham, I always said that the rules weren’t broken,” Starmer said.

“The police have completed the investigation and agreed. There are no cases to answer,” said the former prosecutor. “For me, this has always been a matter of principle. Honesty and honesty are important. You will always get it from me.”

“It was always clear that the rules weren’t broken,” Reiner said before giving a sharper jab to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Honesty is important in politics. This shameful Prime Minister’s The contrast with action will be less clear. “


Starmer and Reiner visited the Labor Party lawmaker Mary Foy’s office in Durham on April 30, 2021 when Starmer was caught in a video holding a beer near a window during the campaign.

The image was released to The Sun the next day, but wasn’t noticed much until January of the following year in a series of “partisan” claims that numerous rule-breaking rallies took place in the heart of the Conservative government. did.

At the time, Starmer said his team “worked in the office, so I stopped by to take it home and then continued to work.

He said, “If you didn’t get a takeaway, our team would eat that night,” because the restaurant and pub weren’t open and the hotel where he and his colleagues were staying didn’t serve food. I didn’t. “

Labor also said Reiner wasn’t attending the event, but Starmer confirmed she was present on May 1 and said his party made a “genuine mistake.”

Durham police cleared Starmer in February and said they did not believe the crime was committed, but decided on May 6 to reconsider the case “following the recent receipt of important new information.” I confirmed that I did.

Police did not reveal what the information was.

May 7th, Daily Mail pre-books for a visit to Durham, stating that the curry dinner is planned in advance and the only item after the dinner is scheduled between 20:40 and 22:00. He said he got the “operation memo” that was taken. — I was walking back to the hotel.

Mr. Starmer and Mr. Reiner repeatedly called on the prime minister to resign from the party’s allegations, saying that if police decide to violate the law, they will “do the right thing and resign.”

Lily Chow


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.