British police considering a request to reconsider the “Beergate” claim against Labor leaders

Durham police on Wednesday said they were “considering” a recent request to reconsider the allegations that Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer broke the CCP virus blockade rule in April 2021. ..

Starmer is drinking beer at Mary Foy’s office in a “partisan” claim that numerous rule-breaking rallies took place in the heart of the Conservative Party during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus blockade. It was revealed in January that the virus was drawn. , A Labor Party member of the city of Durham, who was banned from indoor mixing between households by the Chinese Communist Party’s virus regulations on the night of April 30, 2021.

The Rules at that time— Introduced by the conservative government and passed parliament with the support of the Labor Party and other political parties — colleagues are stipulated that they can “gather in larger groups or meet indoors where they need to work”. Does not include social gatherings with work. Colleagues. “

According to Starmer, the team was late for the campaign and the restaurant was closed, so they had to order takeaway before resuming work.

Durham police said on February 7 that Starmer and his colleagues did not believe they had violated the rules, but in response to a recent request by troops to review the case, a spokesman on Wednesday said: Stated. This theme is under consideration by us and will be addressed in due course. “

Earlier Wednesday, Starmer said he had not been contacted by Durham police. Opposition leaders also accused the ruling Conservative Party of being “muddy” prior to Thursday’s local elections.

Last week, it was revealed that Conservative Richard Holden sent a letter to Durham police on April 22 asking him to reconsider the “Beer Gate” claim.

Prior to the June 19, 2020 Cabinet meeting, the London Police Department fined Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie Johnson, Rishi Sunak and others at a Johnson Surprise Birthday gathering. ..

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and partner Carrie Simmons will leave the Methodist Hall after voting for a local election in central London on May 6, 2021. (AFP via Getty Images)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also investigating 11 other rallies on Downing Street and the Cabinet Office. There was also an internal investigation into a rally led by senior civil servant Sue Gray, who said the House of Commons denied Johnson’s previous rule violations.[s] It will mislead the house. “

All opposition leaders, including Starmer, urged Johnson to resign. Demand also came from many Conservatives, most of whom changed their position in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Labor had previously stated that Deputy Leader Angela Rayner had not attended the event in Durham, but Starmer confirmed that Rayner had attended on Sunday and said his party had made a “genuine mistake.” Stated.

Epoch Times Photo
Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader of the Labor Party, November 29, 2021. (Dominique Lipinsky / PA Media)

Labor’s shadow finance minister, Rachel Reeves, said there was a “world of difference” between the “partisan” and “beer gate” cases.

“The prime minister and the prime minister were fined by the Metropolitan Police Department, but Durham police, who allegedly had this incident, said there was no answer,” Reeves told the BBC breakfast Wednesday.

“Police have made it very clear that a rule violation occurred at 10 Downing Street and that Keir Starmer did not violate the rule in Durham,” she added.

“Boris Johnson lied, lied again, and hid a lie to Congress about what happened at number 10. There is a difference between the fines and rule violations received by the Prime Minister and his office. Yes. What Keir did — I basically work all day in the office and stop drinking food and drink.

Starmer told reporters that he had “not been contacted” by the troops when he visited Yorkshire on Wednesday, before the Durham police issued the latest statement.

“We know the elections are coming, we know what the conservatives are doing. All we have to do is focus on the issue of living expenses at hand. I think that’s the case, “he said.

Asked what he was doing at 11 pm in Durham on the night in question, he said: There are no rule violations. There is no party. And I think that’s enough for Tory’s confusion about this. “

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Pedestrians will walk the streets of London on April 13, 2021. (Tolga Akmen / AFP via Getty Images)

Sir Peter Fay, a former police chief of Greater Manchester police, said Durham police should reconsider the Beergate investigation, but warned that police were “pulled into party politics.”

“I think they should probably look at new information and rethink their situation,” he told the BBC Radio 4’s “World at One” program.

“Repeat, it emphasizes that many laws on coronavirus are confusing. [sic]So I think the police are having a hard time with this. “

Faye suggested that the “almost decisive factor” in Met’s decision to investigate Partygate’s allegations was “a breach of repeated rules.”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has previously stated that it will not investigate PartyGate’s allegations, citing a policy of not retroactively investigating CCP virus rule violators.

“So I think Durham probably needs to rethink it, but on the other hand, I think this is also a very dangerous time, like being drawn into party politics, and it’s starting to happen. I think, “Fahy warned.

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