British police declare a blast “terrorist attack” at Liverpool Hospital

British police said the car explosion in Liverpool on Sunday in memory was a terrorist attack, but the motive remains unknown.

The taxi exploded outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital at 10:59 am on Sunday. It is about 1.6 km (1 mile) away from the city’s cathedral, where a large memorial service was held. A male passenger in the car was declared dead at the scene, and the taxi driver was injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Talking to journalists on Monday, Northwestern Counterterrorism Police Assistant Chief Constable Las Jackson said: -Counter-terrorism measures are under investigation. “

So far, four men have been arrested under terrorist law in the Kensington area of ​​Liverpool. Three men aged 21, 26 and 29 detained on Sunday and a 20-year-old man detained on Monday.

According to Jackson, the man who died in the blast took a homemade bomb into a taxi and asked him to take him to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. When the car reached the passenger’s drop-off point, it exploded.

“Our research shows that improvised explosive devices are manufactured, and so far it is assumed that they were manufactured by taxi passengers,” he added. So is the reason for the sudden explosion. “

According to Jackson, police “know that there was a memorial incident in the immediate vicinity,” and a blast broke out just before 11:00 am, when a two-minute silent prayer was held at the memorial service. He said police “have nothing to do with this at this time,” which is a series of investigations being pursued.

He said police knew the identity of the attacker, but did not confirm it at this stage. He said police officers were searching for two addresses in the city where “important items” were found.

The driver, locally named David Perry, was treated at the hospital after escaping from the car shortly before the fire and is now discharged.

His friend claimed on Facebook that Perry got out of the taxi and trapped the man in the car after he noticed the explosive device.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised him for acting in “an incredible presence of heart and courage” on Monday.

Joanne Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, said of BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program, “The taxi driver may have been an absolutely terrible disaster at the hospital in his heroic efforts. I managed to bypass it. “

PA contributed to this report.

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