British police imprisoned for life in the murder of Sarah Everlard

A former British police officer who raped and killed Sarah Evalard in March will be sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday.

This is because 48-year-old Weinkusen, a prisoner pleading guilty to Everlard’s kidnapping, rape, and murder, has no possibility of parole or conditional release unless there is exceptional compassionate reason. It means that you are more likely to die from. Guarantee it.

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Wayne Kusens, who pleaded guilty to the murder of Sarah Evalard in Old Bailey, is in a dateless handout. (Metropolitan Police Department / PA)

Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, was kidnapped by the then-Metropolitan Police Department Couzens on the evening of March 3 after having dinner at a friend’s house in Clapham, south of London. I was back in London. The court heard Wednesday that he drove Everlard to Kent before raping her, strangled her with a police belt, burned her body in the fridge, and disposed of her body.

Judge Fulford sentenced Kusen to justify whole life insurance because the situation was “catastrophic, tragic, and completely brutal” and the severity of the case was “very high.” I did. British criminal justice system.

“The abuse of the role of a police officer, such as to abduct, rape, or kill a victim in this case, is as serious as a murder for the purpose of promoting political, religious, or idealistic purposes. There is, “said the judge. ..

The judge also said that Kusenth planned “indescribable” harsh details to “kidnap and rape a lonely woman,” and the evidence gathered against him was “unanswerable.” “There was no reliable and innocent explanation for it,” he said.

The court heard that the defendant’s preparation included taking part of a police kit and lying to his family about working on the night of the murder.

Sarah Evalard
A dateless handout issued by the Metropolitan Police Department of a fire-damaged refrigerator found near the place where Sara Evalard’s body was found. (Distribution via Metropolitan Police Department / PA)

Nick Price, head of the Prosecutor’s Office (CPS) Special Crime and Counterterrorism Division, said Kusen’s crime was “really evil.”

Mr. Price expressed his condolences to the Ebarad family and said everyone at CPS was “deeply influenced by what happened to Sarah.”

“We all feel that Kusen has betrayed his abuse of his position as a police officer to commit such an abominable crime,” Price added.

John Upter, national chairman of the England and Wales Police Federation, said Kusens was “absolute shame on police services” and “totally ashamed” that Kuzens was once a police officer. ..

“I’m proud to have a police certificate, but the abuse of that authority by this vulgar individual casts a shadow on everyone working in the police. He’s ashamed of our uniforms. I made him angry, “he said.

Apter said Kusen felt “stomach sick” in a way that took advantage of Evalard’s trust.

“There is no statement to relieve the pain of Sarah’s family and friends or undo the terrible damage done by this disgusting man. Every day he spends in prison because he is not worth another day free. I hope it will be a long day, “he added.

PA contributed to this report.

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