British police investigating 10 Downing Street during COVID-19 blockade

British police are investigating allegations of COVID-19 blockade restriction violations on Downing Street and Whitehall, which the Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed.

During the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) pandemic, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been plagued by a political crisis for weeks fueled by alleged violations of a series of blockade rules in Downing Street.

Talking to London Assembly police and the Crime Commission on Tuesday, Metropolitan Police Department Secretary Cressida Dick said her army had a “long-standing effective partnership” with the so-called Cabinet Office. A “partisan” claim led by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

“I can tell you this morning about the information provided by the Cabinet Office’s research team and, secondly, as a result of my own evaluation, that Met is now in connection with a possible violation of the COVID-19 regulation. Downing Street and Whitehall for the last two years. “

Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson responds when he visits Milton Keynes University Hospital in northern London on January 24, 2022. (Via Adrian Dennis / Pool / AFP, Getty Images)

Dick said Met knew or “should have known” that an individual was committing a crime and saw only “the most serious and serious type of breach.”

She said that “several other incidents” that appeared to have occurred on Downing Street and Whitehall were also evaluated, but they were not considered to have reached the criminal investigation threshold.

A spokesman for the Cabinet Office said: There is continuous contact with the Metropolitan Police Department. “

An official spokesman for the Prime Minister said Sue Gray would suspend the investigation or publication of the party’s allegations being investigated by police, but is free to publicize other issues in her investigation.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is under strong political and public pressure to explain how the rally took place in a place with a strong police presence.

Dick said police officers on duty were there to provide “protective security” but refused to be drawn to “what they might have seen or heard.”

The main opposition Labor Party welcomed police investigations. “How can you think that Boris Johnson’s Downing Street is currently under police investigation and he can stay as prime minister,” said Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner. ..

She called Johnson a “national distraction” and called on Conservative lawmakers to “stop supporting him” and “finally do something decent and resign.”

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