British police officer acknowledges responsibility for killing Sarah Everd

A police officer at the Metropolitan Police Department pleaded guilty to the killing of Sarah Everd. It was heard in court on Tuesday.

Wayne Kusen, 48, who appeared in Old Bailey via a video link from Belmarsh Prison, pleaded guilty to the kidnapping and rape of 33-year-old marketing executive Everd.

Kuzens acknowledged responsibility for the killing of Everlard, but was not asked to file a petition for murder. The court heard that his medical report was still in preparation.

Everard went missing on March 3 while returning home from a friend’s house near Clapham Common in London. A few days later, her body was found in Kent, about 50 miles away.

In memory of Sarah Everd
On March 14, 2021, at the Clapham Common bandstand in southern London, people gathered to celebrate a flower memorial service in memory of Sarah Everd, a victim of the murder. (Daniel Real Olives / Getty Images via AFP)

After her murder, the government promised more money for improving streetlights and piloting plans for plainclothes police to visit pubs and clubs to “identify predatory and suspicious criminals.” did.

At the time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “The horrific incident of Sarah Everard caused a wave of emotions that women could not feel safe at night.” Do everything you can to keep the streets safe. Must be. “

Activists, who have long campaigned on the issue of male violence against women in response to Everd’s kidnapping and murder, organized an informal rally in London on March 13.

A clash occurred when police officers tried to disperse the crowd. The video footage showed a brawl and some women being pushed down to the ground.

Sarah Everd Metropolitan Police Department
On March 13, 2021, at Clapham Common in southern London, a crowd towed a phone at a bandstand where a planned memorial service was canceled in honor of Sarah Everd, a victim of murder. While lit, police officers form a cordon. (Justin Talis / AFP, via Getty Images)

The crackdown on the event has been criticized, with some calling for the resignation of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.

However, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Fire Inspection Bureau (HMICFRS), an independent monitoring agency, said on March 30 that the Metropolitan Museum of Art “acted properly” in a memorial service.

Some have accused activists of taking over Everlard’s death and pushing their plans forward.

Everard’s friend Helena Edwards said she was looking forward to the rally at first, but changed her mind.

“This is no longer a homage to her, but something else,” she wrote. spike..

“Her kidnapping and murder are not, in my opinion, a sign of a sexist and dangerous society. When such a horrific thing happens, there is a rush to hold responsibility for reason and allocation,” she writes. “If a police officer in custody is finally tried and convicted of her murder, I will only be liable to him.”

Simon Veazey and PA contributed to this report.

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