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A surge in violence drowned a call for defense from the Minneapolis police

In the city where George Floyd was murdered a year ago today, police defense and dismantling calls have been drowned out by new calls to put more resources into the needy sector. News promotion: The surge in violence in the first half of 2021 changed the conversation about police in cities where public protests against racism and police atrocities began. Get the right market news for your time at Axios Markets. And last summer’s promise to dismantle the MPD by a non-veto majority of city council members was blocked by the Citizens’ Committee and voted by the violently upset city in November. Minneapolis has reported 32 murders so far this year, up from 15 last year to 8 during the same period in 2019. Last month, three children under the age of 10 were involved in a bonfire of gun violence. .. Last week, six-year-old Anya Allen, the granddaughter of an anti-gang activist, died in a head shot, leaving her two other children hospitalized. Importance: Efforts to change major police forces in Minneapolis and Minnesota have been thwarted, sideways, and watered over the past year. Current Situation: Mayor Jacob Frey, who resisted efforts to dismantle police after Floyd’s murder, banned most knockless attacks and banned police officers from shooting moving vehicles. “—A program that increases the likelihood of police officers using deadly power—Last summer. Judges appointed efforts by the city council to abolish MPD and replace it with a” holistic and public health-oriented approach. ” Was blocked by the City Charter Committee. The group blocked a voting initiative to reduce the number of police officers required by the city charter. And Frey’s most sought-after reforms-changing arbitration rules to make it easier to dismiss bad policemen-haven’t made progress in Congress and are unlikely to pass this year. What they say: Sondra Samuels, a longtime Northside resident suing the city for inadequate police, said at a press conference last week after the child’s second shooting: Told to. Northside councilor Philip Cunningham said in another press conference that redistributing police officers’ funds to social programs could prevent the type of violence the city is currently seeing. .. Yes, but: The exercise is not over. The rethinking MPD promotion group submitted over 20,000 signatures to the city hall earlier this month, and this month questions about department changes will appear on the November ballot. -Level violations such as objects hanging from the mirror or bust taillights. But he is also asking the city council for more officers and more money for troops, and on Sunday he will send troops and investigators to the state and federal governments to help the city police. I called. Between Borders: In November of this year, Frey faces a very small challenger’s field, with a whole slate of moderate candidates lined up to run for city council members who have pledged reimbursement. doing. Conclusion: There is still time and opportunities for major police reforms will increase, but what looked like a slam dunk 12 months ago is now a difficult battle. Dive deeper: police surge after police change by court order Slow move to improve police training Police struggle to hire police when morals reach new lows The police continue to live as a local movement Black-owned companies are confident More from Axios: Sign up for the latest market trends at Axios Markets.Subscribe for free

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