British police officer “lucky not to lose sight with one eye” during Manchester United protests

A British police officer was seriously injured in his face during a Sunday protest against Manchester United football club owners, the Greater Manchester Police Federation said.

“Our brave colleague went to work yesterday to keep the Manchester people safe, and he was eventually attacked. It was very lucky that he hadn’t lost his sight.” Told.

According to the federation, police officers are suffering from “a lot of pain” and will need long leave to recover.

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Proponents protest Manchester United owners on May 2, 2021 at Old Trafford Stadium in the English Premier League club Manchester United in North West Manchester. (OliScarff / AFP via Getty Images)

“This is not true. Police officers are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and partners. They are sons and daughters. They are humans who should be able to return to their families in one piece at the end of the shift. I don’t rush to the hospital, “Berry said.

“We are providing support to an injured colleague and will continue to support him until he recovers from the injury.”

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed on Sunday that two police officers were injured when some United fans threw bottles and barriers at the police. One of the police officers was attacked with a bottle and suffered a large cut on his face, requiring urgent hospital treatment.

Approximately 100 people in Old Trafford on Sunday protesting the club’s decision to sign up for the collapsed European Super League within 48 years last month in protest of Manchester United’s American owner Glazer family It happened after a fan of Trafford hit the pitch. Hours in protests from football associations, fans and politicians.

“When cracking down on these protesters, we need to properly protect police officers and properly equip them with equipment that is offensive to public order and morals, such as helmets and shields,” Berry said.

The British National Police Federation has stated that violence should be condemned by football professionals, clubs and players on “the strongest conditions possible”.

“Nevertheless, I’ve seen so-called peaceful protests aimed at my colleagues and turn into violence. Police officers were injured and needed hospital treatment. This is completely unacceptable.” Federal President John Upter said.

In response to Sunday’s case, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“But on the other hand, I understand the emotional strength of people, and it’s good to be able to make it pretty clear that the European Super League isn’t valued by the people of this country or this government. I think, “he told reporters. Campaign visit to Hartlepool.

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