British ports should deny access to Russian boats, says the Minister of Transport

British ports should deny access to Russian boats, said Transport Minister Grant Shapps.

On a Russian-owned vessel scheduled to berth in the Orkney Islands on Tuesday, the British government was urged to ban the country’s vessels in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Chaps is currently believed to be owned, managed, chartered, or operated by “Russian-registered, Russian flag-raising, or” Russian-related persons “at all UK ports. We are informing you not to provide access to the ship.

He added that the British government would try to pass a law banning their arrival.

Chaps wrote in the letter: “Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a provocative and deliberate attack on a sovereign democracy.

“The British government has made it clear that the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine has enormous consequences and serious costs, and is working with international allies and partners to develop a package of unprecedented further sanctions. doing.

“The shipping sector is the basis of international trade and we must play a role in limiting Russia’s economic interests and seeking clarification from the Russian government.

“In this situation, the Ministry of Transport does not consider it appropriate for Russian vessels to enter British ports.”

He added that the British government “sought to assist British ports in identifying Russian vessels” and would warn if banned vessels enter the port.

Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon previously said he did not want Russian-owned oil tankers to berth in Orkney as planned, and said he would work with the British government to “find a way to stop the situation.” ..

NS Champion Tanker was scheduled to arrive at the Flotta Oil Terminal in the Orkney Islands on Tuesday amid sanctions and conflicts after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It belongs to Russia’s majority-owned shipping company Sovcomflot, and the Orkney Islands Council states that preventing docking is powerless.

It was not immediately clear what this announcement meant for the tanker’s plans.

Ms. Sturgeon told the media during her visit to Aberdeen early Monday:

She continued. “This is a problem reserved by the British government, and this tanker is owned by a majority of companies controlled by the Russian government.

“If not a letter, it would certainly go against the spirit of sanctions, and I think it would now send the wrong message to people in Ukraine and around the world.

“It’s a matter of the British government. I personally talked with the Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps last night.

“To be fair to him, he agreed with me how unacceptable the tank truck would be docked as planned. We continue to talk with him and his officials throughout the day.

“Hopefully you can find a way to stop it.”

Following the announcement of Chaps, the sturgeon tweeted. In the light of plans to dock Russian ships in the Orkney Islands, I had a constructive conversation with Grant Shaps. We welcome this step while the long-term law comes into force. “

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