British Prime Minister rejects call for opposition to parliamentary investigation into Greensill lobbying line

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected the opposition’s call for a parliamentary investigation into the lobbying of former Prime Minister David Cameron on behalf of financial firm Greensill Capital.

According to recent media reports, Cameron personally contacted the minister on behalf of Greensil by text and email. Cameron claimed he did not violate the rules, but admitted that he had to use a formal channel.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron arrives at The Cenotaph in Westminster, London, England, to attend the National Service in memory of the war dead on Sunday in memory.
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron will arrive at The Cenotaph in Westminster, London on November 10, 2019 to attend the Remembrance Sunday National Service. (Simon Dawson / Reuters)

It was also revealed that the best civil servant, Bill Closers, was hired by Greensill in 2015 while working for the government.

The government announced on Monday that it had commissioned an independent review on the issue.

But in a question from the Prime Minister at the House of Commons on Wednesday, Keir Starmer, the leader of the major opposition Labor Party, said the government should not be allowed to “mark his homework.”

He said the prime minister would “do not act against Threes” and support the Labor Party’s call for a complete parliamentary investigation to “clean up Threes and favoritism at the heart of this conservative government.” I urged a member of the Diet.

Johnson said he shared “widespread concerns” about the issue, but declined the Labor Party’s request for a parliamentary investigation and urged opposition parties to contribute to a government-initiated review.

“I think it’s a good idea in principle for top civil servants to be able to engage in business and have experience in the private sector. Looking at the accounts I’m reading today, are those boundaries properly understood? It wasn’t clear, and he sought an appropriate independent review of the arrangements that Nigelboardman had to implement. June. “

“He should tell Boardman,” Johnson said, if Starmer makes any statement on the subject.

Johnson began a review on Monday after the Financial Times and The Sunday Times newspapers reported that Cameron had contacted the minister on behalf of Greensill.

While Cameron was Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016, Greensill was brought in to advise the government. After retiring, Cameron became an advisor to Greensil’s current bankruptcy company.

Cameron said in a statement Sunday that he did not violate the Code of Conduct or government rules and ultimately did not address the outcome of the discussions on Greensil’s loan proposal.

Reuters contributed to this report.