British prosecutors say child abuse registration is a “good idea”

A woman who had to amputate her legs due to abuse by her parents, whose adopted son was born, told the UK Government Minister next month to find out more about how child abuse registration works. Say to meet.

Paula Hadel, whose adopted child Tony had to amputate his leg due to his parents’ injury, registered the child’s atrocities to prevent people like Tony’s parents from coming into contact with other children in the future. Said it was necessary.

She said Tony’s creator was released in August and now rarely stops them renaming and moving to different parts of the country, giving birth and repeating the cycle of abuse. Said.

Child abuse registrations have been proposed to function in a similar manner to the sex offender registrations established in 2003, causing or permitting child deaths for persons convicted of child murder or manslaughter. I request that you do. Alternatively, allow physical harm, atrocities or neglect to children and notify police of their release from prison and whenever they change their name or address or start living in a family with children.

“In principle, that’s a good idea,” prosecutor Ed Brown QC, who recently secured two separate convictions for two men for killing a young child, told The Epoch Times.

A “disastrous” recording of abuse

Brown led the prosecution team in the case of Philesia Shirley and her boyfriend. Kemar Brown After the death of 2-year-old Kyrell Matthews, who suffered from 41 rib fractures. A jury who heard the “disastrous” audio recording of the abuse convicted Shirley for manslaughter, and Brown was imprisoned for murder for a lifetime.

A few weeks later Cam Run Hyder He was imprisoned for the murder of his girlfriend’s 16-month-old daughter.

If a child abuse register exists, Shirley, Brown, and Haider will be released from prison, but will need to stay in a “reputable prison” for the rest of their lives and notify police of changes in address, name, and relationships.

Mr. Brown said: “I thought it would be fairly easy to manage if I had experience with sex offender registration. When I heard the idea, I thought it was a very positive move.”

Last week, 5-year-old Logan Mwangi’s mother and stepfather were convicted of killing him in Sarn near Bridgend, along with a 14-year-old boy who could not be named for legal reasons.

Logan was on the register at risk in the local social welfare department, but was removed from it a month before his death. The day before he died, a social worker visited his house, but she was denied access and she left without seeing him.

Epoch Times Photo
Arthur Rabinjo-Hughes and his father Thomas Hughes, Thomas’ partner Emma Tustin. (Family handout / West Midland Police / PA)

The Logan Mwangi case is just one of many horrific child abuse cases that have been tried in the last six months.

National review of child protection

In December, the government commissioned a national review led by an independent company. Child Protection Practice Review PanelIn the wake of the prominent death of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson, who were abused and killed by one of their parents’ partners, into a child protection system.

The panel will publish the report by the end of May.

Minister of Education, Nadim Zahawi“It is very important to learn from this tragic event.”

However, Paula Hadel says a child abuse registration is required to prevent people like the creator of his adopted son Tony from contacting other children in the future.

Epoch Times Photo
The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess speak with Tony Hadgir and his foster mother Paula at Westminster Abbey in London on December 8, 2021. (Heathcliff O’Malley / PA)

She told the Epoch Times: This idea did not come from me. It comes from a police officer. They say that’s one thing they need. Did it make a difference in Tony’s case? no. But when his born parents leave prison in the summer, it will prevent them from being around their children. At this point, you can change the name, move to another part of the country and continue your life. “

Hadel met with Justice Minister Dominic Raab in November to discuss the possibility of introducing a child abuse registration that functions like a sex offender registration, and held a follow-up meeting with Deputy Secretary Will Quince next month. .. Discuss the details.

She said she was surprised to learn that Britain did not have a child abuse registration when she raised the idea.

Tighter rulings for abusers

Hadgir from Kent has successfully campaigned to introduce a stricter sentence for those convicted of causing or forgiving the death of a child. Tony’s LawNamed after the adopted child, the name is part of police, crime, judgment, and court bills awaiting royal assent.

After meeting in November, Rab wrote to Hadgir, stating: Such horrific crimes are happening again. I’m glad to see that the Minister of Education shared my request with Annie Hudson on the panel chair and considered how the review could facilitate our thinking in this area. “

Asked if there is a risk of overshooting the state, Hazil is not, and is registered with child murder, manslaughter, cause or permission of death, or child atrocities or neglect. He said only those who were convicted of the crime.

In 2011, Professor Eileen Munro published a government-consigned report on child protection. The report made many recommendations on how to free social workers from paperwork in order to conduct more direct meetings with vulnerable children and their families.

It’s unclear how many Munro Report recommendations were implemented 11 years later, but in some recent cases, social workers say they are overburdening their workload.

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