British Sanctions Venezuelan President Maduro’s Envoy Serve


London — The UK approved Alex Saab, one of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s envoys, on Thursday in connection with a fraudulent transaction to obtain supplies for a food subsidy program run by Maduro’s government.

Colombian citizen Saab is currently detained in Cape Verde in the face of surrender to the United States, accusing the Maduro government of helping to circumvent US sanctions imposed in 2019.

Britain says Saab has been sanctioned with fellow Alvaro Enrique Pride Vargas for abusing two Venezuelan public programs established to provide affordable food and housing to poor Venezuelans. It was.

“They benefited from an improperly awarded contract that promised goods were delivered at very high prices,” the UK Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “Their actions have caused further suffering for Venezuelans who are already suffering from poverty because of their own personal affluence.”

Saab’s lawyer couldn’t get in touch immediately, but previously called the US accusation a “political motivation.” The Venezuelan Ministry of Information did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Saab was arrested in Cape Verde last June after Interpol issued a so-called red notice.

At the time of his arrest, Saab was on his way to Iran to negotiate the transportation of fuel and humanitarian supplies to Venezuela, his lawyer had previously told Reuters. His plane was parked in an island nation off West Africa for refueling.

Also on Thursday, Britain said it spent millions of dollars on Equatorial Guinea’s president’s son, Teodoro Obiang Nang, on the $ 275,000 gloves worn by London’s luxury mansion, private jet, and Michael Jackson. Sanctioned for misappropriation.

Mark Jones