British Shadow Foreign Minister David Lammy is being investigated by Parliamentary Threes Watchdog


Labor’s shadow foreign minister, David Lammy, is being investigated for allegations that he registered his financial interests late.

Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Kathryn Stone Considering possible violations To the Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians in areas covering income, gifts, and travel abroad.

Revenue rules require MPs to register changes in economic profit within 28 days.Gifts and payments received by MPs are biweekly Registration of member’s financial interests..

Rummy’s financial record It contains a set of profits registered after that period. One is a speech at Tufts University in the United States on the invasion of Ukraine.

The total £ 3,280 ($ 4,015) received for a speech and Q & A session from the Canary Wharf Group on December 1st was not registered until May 27th.

The Canary Wharf Group is the owner and developer of approximately 100 acres of real estate located in Canary Wharf and elsewhere in London.

The Commissioner’s role focuses on evidence that individual members may have violated the Code of Conduct. Stone finds facts and makes decisions, but the investigations conducted do not mean that the rules have been broken.

Lammy apologized for the error and said he had “introduced a revised system” to prevent delays in future declarations.

This was included in an update to Congress’s website after Stone began its investigation on Wednesday.

Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer is also being investigated by observers. The BBC reported that Starmer had missed several Arsenal football club ticket deadlines and was paid to write his book.

A Lammy spokesperson said: Year. “

“He assured the registrar that he had introduced a revised system so that the declaration could be made in a timely manner. We are pleased to be able to provide more information to the Parliamentary Standards Board,” said a spokesman. rice field.

Earlier this year, Lamy Bilderberg Meeting in Washington, Joined industry leaders, heads of state, banks, oil, bosses of major pharmaceutical companies, Encourage to ask a question Why were the defenders of social justice attending secret meetings? Secretary of State Michael Gove Level Up was also present.

Meetings in Bilderberg will be held under the Chatham House Rule. That is, participants can use the information they hear, but cannot reveal the identity or affiliation of the speaker.

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