British spies believe the theory that COVID-19 has escaped from the Wuhan Institute is “plausible,” and are seeking sources of darknet during the investigation, the report said.

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9/11 Commission Chair is now looking at COVID

Win McNamee / GettyA The January 6th committee is destined to be in Washington, but outside of Beltway, it investigates the origin of the virus, analyzes and saves lessons learned from the pandemic, and moves on to the next pandemic. A COVID committee is underway to suggest ways to deal with it. Surprisingly, this Covid Commission planning group does not attract the partisan virus we expect. It also receives significant support from Marked by Covid, a civic group co-founded by Kristin Urquiza, whose father died of COVID. After he was persuaded last year, the virus wasn’t a big deal, and mask restrictions were lifted in Arizona. “My dad was a healthy 65 years old. His only existing condition was to trust Donald Trump, which he paid for in his life,” she became biral. I said in the video. Republican activists seeking justice for those who died in the medical system not ready to help them. Marc Anthony Urquiza died on June 30 after being infected with a coronavirus at a karaoke bar. At his burial a week later, the daughter invited a reporter, guarded outside the State Capitol, and asked the Governor of Arizona to delegate Mask. She told The Daily Beast that she was very angry with her father’s death. If I had a hurricane in my body and couldn’t find a productive way to get rid of it, my health would be compromised. She wanted a nationwide response to the pandemic, and her dream was answered in January when she received a call from Philip. 9/11 Former Executive Director of the Commission, Zerikou, said. She wants to work with her on a much wider range of COVID committees than 9/11, and she points out that it happened during the day of the COVID pandemic. It has been deployed for over a year. By October 2020, people died on a scale of 9.11 every three days, and by the end of December, COVID deaths resulted in 9/11 daily. 11-hour petition from the fallen Capitol mother Hill police officers on the siege of the Capitol on January 6 while resources are being prepared for a full-scale investigation into the COVID crisis at the University of Virginia’s Mirror Center. It wasn’t enough to convince Republicans to support bipartisan investigations. Zerikou told The Daily Beast. That wasn’t his idea, he added. He had the unique ability to lead it, but led the 9.11 Commission and prior to it the Bipartisan Election Reform Commission, which considers the 2000 presidential vote blessed by two former presidents Jimmy Carter. did. It led to Gerald Ford and the creation of an interim vote. Zerikou was approached by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt late last year. Eric Schmidt claimed a pandemic “major stock” that exposed a gap in the health system. And the country’s ability to deal with the crisis. Schmidt’s Family Foundation has partnered with Charles Koch’s charitable divisions, the Squall Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Stand Together. “There is a wide range of private and ideologically diverse funding for a wide range of efforts,” Zerikou emphasizes Kochi’s involvement. “He feels very strongly that the country is in a state of war and did not act that way. They are angry with it and want to fix it. Once in substance, The partisan line disappears. “Christine Urquiza was one of about 200 people interviewed when Zerikou and his team put together the components of a survey covering the planet. Documenting and learning from people’s living experiences is a key factor. Christine’s father lived in Maryvale, a neighborhood in Phoenix. There, 75% of people are Hispanic and 35% are immigrants. At the time Arizona was leading the country and the world, it had the most cases in the state. In mid-June, when his father became ill, people waited in line for 13 hours to get a COVID test. “My home community wasn’t just historically overlooked, it’s still overlooked,” she said. “If, as I said, we were serious about racial justice, the best thing I could do was raise awareness of community health inequalities.” What to the COVID Commission When asked if he was asking, Urukiza replied: — Not only do we recognize our losses, but we also recognize the complete truth of what happened, so we will never make the same mistake again. Incorporating the voices of the most directly affected people is critical to the success of the Commission, says former New Jersey Governor Tom Keane, Co-Chair of the 9/11 Commission. “I called the 9.11 family our sail breeze,” Keane told The Daily Beast. “Without the family, there would have been no committee.” After the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Congress conducted a rough investigation, leaving many unanswered questions. “That wasn’t enough,” Keane recalls. “Both sides decided to deep-six the committee, then the family began to move. They were very angry with the whole government. They lost their husbands and children, and the government should protect them. They weren’t working. Their energy was incredible. Many of them had never been to Washington and they became lobbyists, closed offices and picketed the White House. Mary. Fetchett was one of the newly created activists. Her son Brad, 24, died on the 89th floor of the second tower, and the following June she was on the committee at a rally opposite the Houses of Parliament. “Once we had a rally, I simply thought the government would set up a committee and we would move on,” she told Daily Beast. “I was shocked by the resistance from the administration, and also elected officials who did not agree to support the Commission. The family had moral authority due to their loss, and they Was also tenacious. The group Voices of September 11, founded by Fetchet, continued to put pressure on politicians on ongoing trips to Washington to lobby lawmakers and, if possible, put them on. She hunted down. She remembered that the visitor was standing outside the White House when she attended the Christmas party. “People were in line and we were there with a sign. It was painful to see what we were looking for at a certain level, “she says. “Our achievement as a civilian is a testament to our democracy,” she says. The same model of civil involvement works in fledgling COVID committees, at least away from partisan rants related to government efforts. Governor Keane says he feels “sad” that Congress is unable to carry out the thorough investigation required by the COVID crisis. However, once the work is done, it seems okay for everyone to work outside the authority of the government. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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