British Tory lawmaker claims sex offender Imran Ahmad Khan “did not get a fair trial”

Former Justice Minister repeatedly defended controversial defense of former MP Imran Amad Khan, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy, claiming that shameful politicians did not receive a “fair trial.” bottom.

Last month, Conservative Crispin Blunt posted a post on his website and Twitter feed claiming that Khan was a victim of “horrible false accusations” after former Wakefield lawmaker was convicted of sexual assault for 15 years. It has been deleted. 2008 old man.

Mr. Brant withdrew his first statement, claiming that “I do not tolerate any form of abuse and strongly believe in the independence and integrity of the judicial system.”

He offered to resign as chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Union (APPG) on LGBT issues in response to protests from parliamentarians against his comments.

However, in a new interview with BBC One’s “Politics South East” program, he upheld Khan’s previous defense, who was expelled from the Conservatives after the verdict and later resigned.

In response to Mr. Brant’s latest comment, Labor Party Attorney General Steve Reed said MPs should remove the whip if the Tories “respect victims of sexual abuse.” Said.

A Conservative spokesperson said Brandt’s view was “totally unacceptable.”

Looking back at the first statement, Brant told the BBC: A huge amount of lawmakers to contribute.

“So this problem arises for me … his belief. And I don’t want … I saw what happened [at the trial].. I’m completely convinced. “

Mr. Brant admitted that he did not attend the entire trial, but “I know what decisions were made in the trial. That is, in my judgment, in remote areas, such as fair trials. I didn’t get a trial. “

He was still pressed to believe it and said, “Yes, that’s right.”

Mr. Brant also said he had not appeared in court because of witness evidence.

Therefore, when asked if he thinks he knows more than a jury trial, he said, “it is inevitable because the trial was so much done without the jury trial.”

He added that it was his judgment to see the “serious false charge”.

Mr. Brant tells those who are angry with his position what he says:

“And I am convinced that the judicial system worthy of that name will restore his good name.

“Victims who were victims of sexual assault would clearly feel very strongly about the nature of my remarks, but that is probably the case. [in] Some nature of my politics is … seeking to make a claim … for those who do not. “

Earlier this month, Reigate MP Blunt announced that he would resign in the next election.

A Southwark Crown Court jury took about five hours to convict 48-year-old Khan for sexually assaulting a teenage boy.

Kahn has formally sued the conviction. He will be sentenced on May 23.

PA media